Pringles Have Taken Flavor To a New Level in Korea

Pringles Have Taken Flavor To a New Level in Korea

Pringles are a popular brand of chips around the world. With popular flavors such as pizza and sour cream & onion, they’re never short when trying to satisfy anyone’s taste buds. However, in Korea, this tasty snack has made an evolution of sorts when it comes to flavors and some of these flavors might make your head turn a bit.

  • Cola

When I think of Cola, the first thing that comes to mind is a tall, ice cold glass filled with a fizzy, sugary drink, but in Korea, you can get your potato chips Cola-flavored. Following the partnership between Coca-Cola and Pringles, the Cola-flavored chip was released this year as a part of several new flavors they’re offering.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is another interesting flavor that was released this year as a part of the Coca-Cola and Pringles partnership.  According to reviews from customers who’ve tried these new flavors, the yogurt flavor is infused with sour cream, which gives it a similar taste to their popular flavor, Sour Cream & Onion.

  • Butter Caramel

This sweet limited edition chip caused a lot of head turns when it was released. While the concept itself holds promise, many were disappointed to find that there was not enough flavoring on the chip itself. Despite mixed reviews about the way the chips taste, it’s definitely a flavor to check out if you’re seriously craving a sweet and salty snack.


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I love weird things, people, food.. but when is weird to weird? I think it’s when you take two food’s that should never meet and mash them together, in this situation weird works. This is Pringles from Asia or as the package says ::Kellogg Asia Product:: New “Butter Caramel” flavored chips. It has a weird buttery salty caramel fixture to each bite almost as if the chips were marinated in a caramel spread then fried. I am iffy whether I am enjoying these or want to barf, five chips later I realized these are good for the moment type of thing, not something you would buy constantly just for a taste 6/10 on the weird as fuk scale..😜🤷🏼‍♂️😬🥔.. Thank you @junkfoodmom for these🙂 #pringlesbuttercaramel #pringlesasia #asianpringles #potatoechips #junkfood

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  • Tom Yum Soup

There is just something so satisfying about getting a warm soup on a cold day. I could especially go for Tom Yum Soup. This Thai soup is traditionally a hot and sour soup served with shrimp and a multitude of vegetables.

Pringles made a special flavor which mimics this savory soup. The chip brings in flavors from lime to chili, and finally that savory broth.

  • Cheese Burger

The final savory chip on this list is the cheeseburger. Perhaps one of the least head-turning flavors on this list, this chip is still unique in its own way. The thing about burgers is that it’s more than just a patty. There's the bread and vegetable aspect as well as the condiments, so Pringles had to challenge themselves into making an authentic-tasting chip that went past ground beef flavor!

There are some honorable mentions when it comes to Pringles in Korea, such as Jalapeno and Sweet Mayo Cheese. Coming from someone who is more biased towards Sour Cream & Onion, I can see that I need to expand my taste palate.

Have you tried any of these unique flavors?

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