Popular Foods as K-Snacks 2.0

Popular Foods as K-Snacks 2.0

With the abundance and popularity of Korean snacks out there, we had to bring back MORE "Popular Foods as K-Snacks" to tempt your taste buds! Life in Korea can be busy, and there's not always time for a freshly-made meal to satisfy hunger. So, what do you do when that craving hits? You might have the opportunity to purchase a meal from your local corner convenience store, but have you considered a dish in snack-form? Here are more popular foods that have been turned into Korean snacks!

  • Chimeak (치맥)

Probably the most popular food combination right now in Korea is fried chicken and beer, or chimeak. There are actually a few snacks that have recreated the flavour of this food set, but one favourite of the Fever Guys fam is the Nongshim Fried Chicken Drumsticks. It comes in both regular and spicy flavour. Go for the gold and choose spicy!

  • Bungeoppang (붕어빵)

Don’t be fooled by the fish; this popular street food made up of a carp-shaped pastry stuffed with red bean paste is definitely more of a sweet treat! It's snack version is brought to us from our friends at Orion, and it's a cake filled with a red bean and chocolate filling. YUM!

  • Roasted Sweet Potato

A popular snack in the winter to warm your hands and your body is a roasted sweet potato. This snack has been turned into different types of chips, but our favorite is the sweet potato latte milk and Pepero Double Dip. Another fantastic way to cheer up on a cold day is a combination of these two!

  • Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

This popular street food of a rice cake covered in a thick, spicy red sauce has easy on-the go versions as well as flavours for ramen, and one of our favourite variations is the tteokbokki-flavoured chip.

  • Churros

Churros have become quite a popular treat in Korea, but instead of just leaving them in their natural state, they have come up with an alternative snack version: Pikachu and Doraemon churros. With a cinnamon crunchy outside, the Doraemon is filled with a vanilla cream center, and the Pikachu has a chocolate center. Perfect for any sweet tooth!

  • Fresh Baked Pie

Who doesn’t love the smell and taste of a warm pie just as it comes out of the oven? Just the thought of it will make your mouth water. There's a snack in Korea that can help with that craving! Haitai brings a flavour trio of  snackable pies for your tasting pleasure. On the buttery pastry are toppings such as French Apple, Grape and Strawberry.

  • Cotton Candy

Many of us will remember this wonderful treat from our childhood memories: sticky fingers as we rode rides at the fair, and sticky faces with pink wisps around our mouths. This snack gives us the cotton candy then takes it to another level by becoming gum in the end!

These are just a few of the many different foods from Korea and across the world that have been turned into ready-made snacks. Have you tried any, and did you enjoy them as much as we did?

Did we miss any of your favourite foods that have been converted into a snack?
Comment below and let us know what you think!

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