Popular Foods as K-Snacks

Popular Foods as K-Snacks

We’ve all been there - those hectic days where you get home exhausted and have a taste for a certain food, but don’t have the energy to cook and restaurants are too much to deal with alone. So you grab something simple and quick; maybe a bag of chips or a quick bowl of ramen.

What if you could still enjoy a snack, but also get that taste for your favorite dish? Well, you can! K-snacks are notorious for being made to taste like other foods - international and Korean! Here are 5 snacks that do just the trick!

Kimchi Jjigae - If you’re a fan of Kimchi Jjigae and have tried to make it before, you know that it can take a long time to prep and cook. Well, Swing Chips are here to save you with their Kimchi Jjigae chips! You get a familiar smell of Kimchi when you first open the bag, and the first few chips taste like biting into a piece of well fermented Kimchi. After those chips the taste is more like onion, or a meaty mushroom that is slightly spicy. How spicy depends on your spice tolerance, but it isn’t spicy enough to start an eating challenge like the Fire Noodles.

Bulgogi - Bulgogi, the most infamous marinated Korean Barbeque, is another one that takes a while to make in real life. You have to first marinate the beef and with all marinades - the longer the better. It’s a dish better suited for pre-planning. So what can give you that Bulgogi taste almost instantly? Ppushu Ppushu Ramen snacks have got your back! Simply crush the package to break up the noodles (this is where these snacks get their namesake), open the bag, sprinkle in the flavor pack, shake and then enjoy! How easy? Even better, Ppushu Ppushu has a lot of your favorite foods covered like Spicy Rice Cake (Ddeokbokki), BBQ, Grilled Chicken (Yang Nyeom Chicken), and so on.

Fire Chicken - Everyone has heard of the Spicy Chicken Noodle (Buldak Bokkeum Myun) craze - the Fire noodles that spawned a challenge and took over the noodle world with its various versions. But did you know it is actually a snack flavored after a popular dish? It tastes like one of my favorites - Fire Chicken Skewer (Buldalk Ggochi).

Nothing makes me happier than grabbing one or more of these on a day out in Seoul. But when I return home, I still crave this distinct taste. So what do I grab other than the ramen? Buldalk Seaweed! Just like the Fire Noodles, these have that signature spicy Chicken flavor coating each earthy sheet of Seaweed. While they aren’t as spicy as the noodles, they do still pack a punch which is why I’m sure they come in small packs.

Coleslaw - ㅡMaybe your taste buds aren’t craving an entree, maybe you desire a side dish. Look no further than the ever popular Coleslaw Popcorn! This side dish made up of sliced cabbage, mayo, and various vegetables is must have staple at family get-togethers here in the Southern states and just as popular all over the US, but did you know it’s a really popular flavor of popcorn in Korea? Many popcorn makers have their own variations of what coleslaw should taste like (just like in the States) but it always has that tangy, slightly sweet cabbage taste.

Pizza - Korean’s love pizza! And they turn everything into a pizza or make everything taste like pizza. One unique snack I have come across in the land of pizza flavored snacks, are Pizza Baguette snacks. They are small Baguette slices toasted up to the same texture as croutons and are tossed in a pizza flavored seasoning mixture. They’re a great crunchy snack to have around when you don’t want the hassle of real pizza. You can also find out more about pizza in Korea HERE.

These aren’t the only snacks that taste like real meals and sides! Koreans love having their favorite foods fast, and on the go, so you can find almost any food as a chip, popcorn, seaweed snack pack, flavored almonds, and more!

Have you tried any of these or found any of your favorite foods as a snack? Let us know!

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Written by matchalexie

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