Pocheon-si: A Beauty to Behold

Pocheon-si: A Beauty to Behold

South Korea is a country that is full of beauty and breathtaking sites. Of course, in order to admire this beauty, one must know where to look. In fact, one city in South Korea that will surely not disappoint is Pocheon-si. Located in Gyeonggi Province, Pocheon-si is a city that is famous for its nature-filled landscape, festivals, and brewery. Furthermore, it is the home of South Korea’s largest arboretum, and it has many treasures and historical sites designated by the government.

If you are looking to experience a part of South Korea’s natural beauty in a nutshell, Pocheon-si is a place that you definitely do not want to miss out on. So, let us take a look at some of the sites that make Pocheon-si a beauty to behold!

  • Pocheon Herb Island  

Providing its visitors with a relaxing and fresh environment, the Pocheon Herb Island is an enjoyable park and is perfect for taking pictures. Located in the middle of the mountains, this park has an array of themes and is full of fun and entertainment. For instance, you can find a botanical garden, a small zoo, cafes, many themed areas, and a gift shop among other things. In fact, they have a convincing replica of Trevi Fountain, and a canal where you can rent a boat.

Although it may strike many as random, this park is a beautiful place with delicious food that you do not want to miss out on. Either way, the Pocheon Herb Island is not your ordinary theme park as it is full of things that you have never seen before!

  • Pocheon Art Valley    

Located in a former granite quarry, Pocheon Art Valley was not always a park that radiated artistry. With the time and commitment put forth by the city of Pocheon, this quarry became a park where people could enjoy the scenic environment. Over time, this part of the park was filled with water and is recognized as one of the most alluring sites at Pocheon Art Valley. Due to this, one can expect to find a beautiful lake and many sculptures that add on to the parks majestic beauty.

From Pocheon Art Valley, there is a great view of the mountainous terrain surrounding them and many picturesque locations that you will want to take advantage of during your visit. Either way, Pocheon Art Valley will give you a once in a lifetime experience that will show you a side of Korea that you have never seen before. 

  • Jainsa Temple 

A trip is never complete without visiting something authentic and sacred. In Jainsa Temple, one will be able to experience a divine atmosphere with a great mountain view. Aside from the unique Korean architecture and religious display of the temple, visitors often come to admire and enjoy Sanjeong Lake and Myeongseong Mountain. Leading up to the temple, there are a lot of pine trees that line the path to the main grounds. You can even find many pagodas, statues, and a spring that is said to harbor medicinal properties.

Overall, Jainsa Temple is a beautiful and serene place in the mountain region of Pocheon-si that offers its visitors a calm and tranquil environment to indulge in. 

  • Bidulginangpokpo Falls

Avoid the summer heat at Bidulginangpokpo Falls! Located in a small valley, Bidulginangpokpo Falls is a natural monument that is often referred to as “Pigeon Falls.” Due to its mysterious and peaceful atmosphere, this site is an ideal location for filming historical dramas. In fact, you might recognize these falls if you have watched the Korean drama Kingdom.

Since it provides natural shading, it is a great way to stay cool while outdoors. Either way, these majestic falls are prestigious and definitely worth your time and visit. 

The beautiful sites that can be found in Pocheon-si are what make it a dazzling and unique city. Due to this, you will be able to experience a part of Korean beauty that you cannot find anywhere else. Are there any other sites in Pocheon-si that you believe will be worth your while? If so, let us know in the comments below! 

Written by Valeria Voelkl

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