Paris Morning: A Must Visit Korean-French Cafe

Paris Morning: A Must Visit Korean-French Cafe

Being from a smaller, less popular town means that sometimes you don't always get to benefit from the food trends that larger cities get. Luckily, with the Korean cafe aesthetic spreading all over the United States, it's no wonder smaller cities are beginning to jump on this trend as well. 

This wave of Korean influence has struck Florida, and with it, the gem that is Paris Morning was born. 

To start off, aesthetically, the bakery itself is gorgeous. Hardwood floors, soft cream-colored walls, and minimalist decor give off a classic cafe feel. Seating is comfortable; there are chairs as well as couches, giving customers the opportunity to either get some work done or hang out for a while. To add to the friendly atmosphere, soft music (almost always K-pop!) wafts gently from the speakers overhead.  

Their menu consists mainly of Korean favorites, such as zipbop, bingsoo, and other staples like well-known bubble tea (lavender milk tea is a personal favorite). Being a bakery, they also bake fresh pastries and bread in-house. You can choose from the adorable hamster bread to the savory egg tart. 

What's special about Paris Morning specifically is that they're a fusion bakery. Aside from having Korean pastries, you can also get some French ones there too! The almond croissants and macaroons are some of their best-selling items. 

Whether you're craving some Korean pastries you see on K-dramas, want to hang out with friends, or bring some Instagram-worthy food pics to your social media, Paris Morning is a great place to check out. 

Have you been to Paris Morning? What's your go-to order? If not, what would you like to try the most? Let us know in the comments! 

Written by Elodie Hollant

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