One in a Melon

One in a Melon

Fruit-flavored snacks are everywhere. You can find all sorts of snacks that taste like strawberry, orange, and banana. We’re here to talk about an underrated fruit of the season: melons. This awesome fruit peaks in the late spring and early summer which means now is the perfect time to enjoy it. Whether it’s in its raw form or in a snack, melons are a great way to feel refreshed. We went out and found a few awesome snacks, drinks, and ice creams for you to try. They will put a smelon your face. :)

  • KTOWN Meloni Crackers

Meloni is a cracker sandwich with melon-flavored cream inside. It gives a nice balance of sweet and salty, a great change from your average cookie sandwiches and salty cracker toppings.

  • LOTTE Jellies

Lotte has jellies in all kinds of fruit flavors, including melon and watermelon! The watermelon jellies are made with gelatin and have a sugarcoated outside. They are shaped like little slices of watermelon with red and green coloring. The melon jellies are made with pectin, which does the same job as gelatin but comes from fruit, and are light green and white in color.

  • LOTTE Milkis

Milkis is a very popular Korean soft drink that comes in plenty of flavors, many of which are fruit-based. It is a carbonated drink where the base is water and milk with a melon flavoring. The milk might sound unusual but it’s worth a try!

  • Melon Ice Bar

These ice cream popsicles come in flavors that aren’t as common, and are great for the summer or any time you crave some delicious melon!

  • HAITAI Iris Parfait 

This ice cream is a mix between the classic vanilla and the tasty melon. Iris parfait comes in a cute cup with a lid. You can also get this in cookies and cream.

  • LOTTE Wafers

Lotte wafers come in full size and minis, along with different flavors to try. The delicious wafers come with  three layers of melon-flavored cream between crunchy wafer cookies. A refreshing flavor with a crunch will surely satisfy your hunger.

No matter the season, melon is a great flavor to make you feel good. It’s a nice taste to calm you down or cool you off. If you can’t get your hands on the fruit itself, these will definitely do the trick. They are one in a melon!

Written by Chey Olexa

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