Not Your Basic Type of Milk 🥛

Not Your Basic Type of Milk 🥛

Have you ever thought to yourself what drinking a banana would taste like? Thanks to a flavored milk craze that took off thirty years ago, you know longer have to!

Binggrae is one amongst many milk companies that started offering different kinds of flavored milk. What started off as a way to get Korean citizens to drink more milk, turned into something much bigger than that. The brand started off by adding banana flavoring to plain milk, and as this took off, they started offering different flavors such as melon, strawberry and even mulberry!

Don’t be frightened by this green drink... It hasn’t gone bad, it’s simply melon flavored! The soothing, creamy feel of this drink along with the hint of melon is what drives one to want to drink more of this tasty treat.

Although strawberry is a flavor a lot of people are familiar with, it’s not everyone’s cup of milk! However, due to this drink not having an overwhelming strawberry taste, consisting instead of a sweet, mellow flavor, it’s a beverage anyone can enjoy!

Milk that’s both sweet and sour? And on top of that, purple? Well, that’s mulberry-flavored milk for you! Because of the sweet and tangy taste of this drink, one can’t help but feel refreshed after indulging in a couple of sips! 

It was because of this trend that you can now find various dairy brands making your not-so-typical, yet delicious milk flavors. Walk into any convenience store and take a look for yourself, and you’ll be blown away by the flavors you’ll see including, but not limited to watermelon, caramel, coconut and even tangerine-flavored milk!

What is one flavor you’re dying to try?
What flavor would you recommend to others?

In the meantime, take our quiz to find out your personality based on these milk flavors!

Written by Briseida Rivera

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