North Korea's Online Streaming Service is Called 'Manbang'

North Korea's Online Streaming Service is Called 'Manbang'

K-Snacks and NO chill.

by James Bbang 🍞

Yeah, this is a thing. North Korea recently introduced a new media streaming and video on demand service called "Manbang," which translates to "everywhere" -- well, wherever North Koreans have Internet. (It's only available to loyal citizens in Pyongyang, Sinuiju, and Sariwon, so definitely not us.) Those who do have Internet access will be able to watch TV shows and movies, as well as live-stream five TV networks. Manbang has a ways to go before it catches the likes of Netflix, Viki, Roku, DramaFever, OnDemandKorea, AfreecaTV, and Twitch. However, it does offer an exclusive service that none of these listed here do: You can access and read newspaper articles! Other content includes programs on Juche ideology; documentaries about North Korean leaders; and educational programs teaching English and Russian. Korean Central Television (KCTV), North Korea's main news network, dedicated a 16-minute commercial to explaining how it works. English subtitles aren't available yet, but you can at least listen to the soothing syllables of the North Korean accent.

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