MukBlog: ASTRO & Milkis

MukBlog: ASTRO & Milkis

Refreshing boys and refreshing soda make for the best combo!

by RoyalCha

One of our own SnackFever followers asked us to identify this drink, spotted during one of Astro's VLIVE streams. We recognized it right away as Milkis! Astro Drinking Milkis Milkis is a classic Korean soda. Created by Lotte in 1989, Milkis takes all the things we love about soda (fizzy, sweet, tangy) and adds one more variable to the equation: milk! As the label says, it is a "New Feeling of Soda Beverage."

I know milk with your soda sounds somewhat strange, but it's definitely worth trying. I love this soda, in every single one of its various flavors, and if you give it a try I'm sure you will too! It's currently available in 11 different flavors; strawberry, orange, melon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, apple, grape, lemon, and of course original. That's so many options to choose from! Next time you have the chance, be sure to try Milkis! It'll show you a whole new world of soda flavors that you've never tasted before. And don't forget, this month's SnackFever box is K-Pop themed! Be sure to grab your own to get a box filled with the trendiest Korean snacks your favorite idols have been eating themselves delivered straight to your door! 

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