Move Over Gwiyomi Song; the New Cutesy Anthem is "Oppaya"

Move Over Gwiyomi Song; the New Cutesy Anthem is

Gwiyomi is so 2,000 and late. Oppaya is now!

by Tby Tomato

The Gwiyomi Song has been the aegyo  anthem of K-Pop for the longest time ever. But recently idols have created a new trend with a song called Oppayaaka Sweet Heart in English. The original song belongs to Seenroot, an indie duo of Kim Root and Shin Hyunhee, and was released in February of 2015. The music video itself is cute, bright, and colorful, depicting a story of a girl having a crush on a boy.

The song remained widely unknown after release until Weekly Idol used it as a challenge for idols who appeared on the show. Lovelyz's Kei created aegyo to the song, which created a legendary standard to how Oppaya aegyo should be. The producers of Weekly Idol use her video to show other idols just how it should be done!

The four girls of EXID (excluding Solji who is currently on a hiatus due to her health) also attempted the challenge on Weekly Idol. Let's say they tried their best...

HIGHLIGHT (formerly known as BEAST) members Doojoon and Junhyung. 

Winner's Mino gave it his all.

The girls of Oh My Girl went all out for this song, and oh my was it unique and cute!

Concept kings VIXX also tried their best with the Oppaya concept.

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