More Korean Beauty Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

More Korean Beauty Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

Makeup, makeup, and more makeup! It's the love of many people, giving them a boost of creativity in their everyday routine. The epitome to beautiful forms expressions, it can transform any person into their best self or just tune their already-beautiful features.

These makeup artists will help you feel your very best, and also welcome you into the beauty community. Many of them teach you skills to improve your makeup while informing you of the best beauty and skincare items from Korean to Western. Oh, and don’t know Korean? Don’t worry! Many have you covered with English subtitles!

PonysMakeup (포니)

Among the many Korean makeup artists, Pony is a must. This creative and self-made woman will have you entertained with her assorted makeup looks. She can help you transform your everyday look into one inspired by your favorite K-pop idol. Known for her conversational approach with her subscribers, she makes everyone feel welcomed and immediately captivated by her aesthetically-appealing style.

 Heizle (헤이즐)

Heizle is known for her variety. Her channel is not only made up of makeup; once in a while, she has thrown in a few hairstyling or beauty tips that will give you a complete look! Heizle is know for her multi-dimensional-inspired looks, such as Harry Potter-themed and her extreme makeovers on her friends!

Jella (젤라)

Embracing her natural persona and imperfections, Jella will put a pep in your step! Jella makes content around the different types of outings you may encounter! For the natural looker or for those bold spirits wanting to test their looks, she's a quintessential. Adding to her content are her recent mommy videos, giving a more relatable and comfortable atmosphere to her channel, sharing a little bit of personal life while empowering all women!

Sobong (소봉)

Sobong has a young and easy-going vibe with her channel, catching the eyes of many subscribers. Looking for someone to get ready with on weekends? Then she has you covered! Every Sunday morning, Korean time, she can accompany you in your Get Ready Sesh, and if you’re feeling uninspired or lost in how to pair your clothing with your makeup, she can show you how to form a completed makeup look!

Urishop (유리숍)

Want the set of makeup, skincare, and fashion outlet? Urishop can give you this! Her videos are mostly makeup based on an array of looks to fit everyone’s style, whether it’s your girl next door or a look to match the season’s tune. As an added bonus to her channel she also mixes it up with a few vlogs, hauls, and for the mukbang lovers, you can also get a bite of that!

Now go ahead and try these amazing looks yourself or just feed your creative hunger! Comment down below and share your favorite makeup product. What’s a must in your beauty routine?

Cover Image: PonysMakeup
Written by Kimberly Mendoza

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