Milk Less? Try Milkis!

Milk Less? Try Milkis!

On the Internet, people often ask you to name a better duo. Next time say milk and soda. You might be asking, "Why milk and soda?" It’s the iconic duo. Milkis isn’t your average drink. It sounds a bit perplexing, a tad bit strange but there’s no denying that this drink is popular. It’s a marriage between milk and carbonated drinks and it’s been around longer than you think.

1989 was a turning point in beverage history, it was the year that Milkis was released to the public in South Korea. Distributed by Lotte Chilsung, one of biggest manufacturer for drinks in the country, this drink has a creamy texture similar to cream soda and has quite a refreshing taste. Pair it up with your favorite spicy food and enjoy!  It’s no wonder why this drink is all over the world, even Russia! The only thing that might shock you more than a milk soda, is the amount of flavors it comes in. . .

Eleven. Eleven delicious flavors. Strawberry, orange, melon, mango, peach, pineapple, banana, apple, grape, lemon and original. If it’s your first time drinking Milkis, try the original so you get the general sense of what the taste is like. Take one sip and explore the milky way. For those people who are watching their sugar intake, this does have 30 grams of sugar. Though it also has Vitamin A, B, and C infused into the drink if that helps. On the plus side, you can take aesthetic pictures of your drink!

Milkis can be mixed with other drinks, but this is a more for the 21 and over club. So, kids go on to the next paragraph. Milkis soju cocktails are quite popular in Korea. They’re known to go down easy so be careful! Just grab some Milkis and Soju, mix them together, get a snack, and watch a nice drama. If you want to be a bit more extra and add some vodka into the mix, Seoul. Fully. Inspired. has just the recipe for you. Who knows, maybe this will be your next favorite drink.

Now you might be asking, where can I get this sensational drink? You can find Milkis at your local Korean market or online on sites like Amazon. Tip: don’t try Walmart, they’re all sold out there. Let’s milkshake on this and promise you’ll try it out…


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