Meet The Light Bulb Soda, Korea's Latest Electrifying Soft Drink Trend

Meet The Light Bulb Soda, Korea's Latest Electrifying Soft Drink Trend

Jeon-Gu Soda, or Light Bulb Soda, has sparked a new food trend in Korea.

by Cari Kamja 

Korean street vendors don't just sell ridiculously delicious food (like these winter favorites).  They are also known to sell all kinds of drinks! From fresh squeezed pomegranate juice to highlighter-blue lemonade, Korea's soft drink culture is just as tasty and wild as their snack culture.

As for this new light bulb phenomena, the drink started to appear at street vendors' carts more and more this year, with some light bulbs even lighting up as you drink!  The trend grew so much that you can now grab your own soda-in-a-lightbulb at the Korean convenience store, GS25.

If drinking out of a lightbulb didn't sound dangerous enough for you, check out the color of those drinks!  Is something that blue even meant to be edible?! Before scrolling down, try to guess what that dark red/purple soda could taste like - the correct answer is pretty unique!

The bright orange soda is Grapefruit Ade, similar to sparkling lemonade in America but much more tart thanks to my friend, the grapefruit.  That insane electric blue liquid is actually Blueberry Ade! The flavor is similar to what Americans often refer to as Blue Raspberry and it's super sweet. Still not sure about that dark purple flavor? Ready to be surprised?!

It's Blood Orange! Keeping with a fruity theme, the lightbulb soda are Blueberry, Grapefruit, and Blood Orange Ade. They're all carbonated, super sweet, and totally kooky. Seriously, when was the last time you drank out of a light bulb?! These just hit the shelves earlier this month and will probably be popping up in other convenience stores all over Korea. I can't wait to see what other flavors they come up with!

  So, which flavor of lightbulb soda would you try?! 

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