LOONA Presents a Comeback of the Month with '#'

LOONA Presents a Comeback of the Month with '#'

What better time to showcase a girl crush concept than in the Month of Love itself! LOONA gives fans insight of what it’s like to express confidence with their new EP, Girl of the Month (#).

Having teased this comeback since 2019, LOONA had fans anxiously waiting to see how the girls were going to take on what seemed to be a dark yet glamorous concept. However, LOONA nonetheless comes back with a confident punch.

Title track “So What” is a fearless song that proves to fans how self-assured the group is. With powerful dance moves, there are equally powerful lyrics to match. Following a theme of breaking barriers and doing what they feel is right, the group goes to show that confidence is key. Although not quite being LOONA’s usual take on music, it shows that at the end of the day they do what they want to do. 

As if the song isn’t enough to get the message of ‘fearlessness’ through, the music video proves just as much. The “So What” video depicts the girls in various rooftop scenes either having fun at night dressed in bright blue and white or confidently dancing in short red blazer-like dresses. No matter the scene, confidence can not only be seen but felt throughout the video.

Being sharp, so what?!
Being cold, so what?!
Being fearless (bad) for what?!
So what?!

Giving the album an intense intro is “#,” an electronic beat-based instrumental that gives fans hope for a fierce dance break when it comes to the girls performing it live. “Number 1” takes a completely different turn as your typical happy love song, talking about prioritizing someone else to the point of that person being everything to them. 

“Oh (Yes I am)”  picks up the pace and switches things back around as the lyrics talk about finding who they truly are. An upbeat song that showcases what it’s like to lose yourself for someone, but then regaining who you are after breaking out of a “dizzying spell.”  To keep up the cheerful theme is “Ding Ding Dong,” a playful title to match an equally playful and catchy tune. With a beat that will have you feeling happiness inside out, you’ll be dancing to the tune before the song ends.

“365” is the last song on the EP, and as a way to close out the mini album, LOONA slows things down to give a heartfelt melody to fans. Still playing with the theme of doing what feels right to them, the group talks about the anxious feelings that come to them when finally being next to The One. Although nerve-wracking, they use this feeling to express themselves as they are. 

Girl of the Month (#) is an EP that has various themes, and matches the multitude of personalities that make up the group. With every member's personality shining through in the album, you can see more of this in the group’s official app, LOONATHEWORLD. The group uses this app to keep in touch with their fans, whether it be through posts or pictures. If that isn’t enough, you can always check out their official YouTube Channel in which the girls upload short vlogs, behind-the-scenes, and official music videos.

With the message of staying true to yourself and doing what feels right to you, Girl of the Month (#)  will have everyone feeling themselves. LOONA proves to fans that having confidence in oneself is more important than what others might think of you. What did you think of LOONA’s new comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: LOONA (Blockberry Creative)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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