Let's Go to the Zoo!

Let's Go to the Zoo!

You can’t quite beat a good trip to the zoo as a family day out or a trip with friends! From small bugs and butterflies to large giraffes and elephants, zoos offer a variety of animals for you to see while also being able to enjoy certain activities and buy some cute souvenirs. You're able to marvel at all the beautiful creatures that exist in this world that you one may not have been able to see otherwise! Let’s take a look at just a few of the zoos that you can visit while you’re in Korea:

  • Seoul Grand Park Zoo – Seoul

The zoo itself has around 350 different species of animals from all over the world and is located within Seoul Grand Park. It's exactly what you’d expect from a zoo. And it’s quite big, so be prepared to have to do a bit of walking, however, they do offer a sky lift which can be accessed by purchasing a ticket, taking you to the highest point in the park and then, I suppose, you can just walk down as you see all the display and animals that this zoo has to offer. They also have some artistic statues of the species featured there, which stand on display all around the zoo. Not only this, but a variety of flowers and plants surrounding the area means you can admire the animals and immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery. 

  • Samjung The Park Zoo – Busan 

This zoo is said to be perfect for couples and families, due to their number of activities that are available. Since the zoo is located within the park itself, some say it’s quite small, however, this does not mean that their number of animals are lacking. There are still a wide range of beautiful creatures to be seen.

The park is split into zones. One is the Walking Safari, which allows its visitors to walk amongst the larger animals at the zoo. There are also a variety of activities to be enjoyed while there, such as a maze that you can get lost in, enjoying and embracing the feeling of not knowing where you are. And yes, like every good zoo, they have a gift shop!

  • Sea Life Busan Aquarium

Of course, animals do not just walk or fly over land. They also exist in the sea. An aquarium is like the zoo of the ocean, right? Sea Life Aquarium offers a variety of sea creatures as well as some pretty indoor design that adds to the peaceful ambiance of the experience as you admire those that swim in the building around you. There's a tunnel that allows you to feel as though you’re walking along the ocean floor. It’s rated as one of Korea’s top aquariums and makes for a great fun and educational experience. To add a bit of extra to this trip, they also have different themed zones all around the aquarium, allowing you to take some of those Instagram-worthy photos. 

Next time you happen to be in Korea wondering where to go next, why not visit a zoo? 

Are there any zoos you’ve been too that you feel should’ve been on here? Let us know in the comments below! Go on, don’t be shy…

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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