Korean Versions of Classic American Snacks

Korean Versions of Classic American Snacks

It seems like yummy snacks don't have any language barriers.

by taylor tran

American snack: Twinkies twinkies These cream-filled cakes are so iconic in American pop culture that many were outraged when Twinkie production stopped for 5 months in between 2012 and 2013. Thankfully (or unfortunately) they are now back on store shelves. Korean version: Lotte Custard Cream Cakes IMG_3856 These mini cakes are filled with custard and wrapped individually. I can say first hand that they are spongy, creamy, and deliciously addicting. They're not as sickly sweet as the Twinkie. Experience the sweetness of the custard cake at the SnackFever Shop.   American snack: Potato Chips potato This is a no-brainer -- potato chips are sold pretty much everywhere and enjoyed by millions of Americans daily. Korean version: Baked Potato Sticks roasted potato These roasted potato sticks are also, well, made out of potatoes. They look like plain Pepero sticks at first glance, but don't take them lightly -- they pack a lot of savory, salty flavor in just one stick! Check out the SnackFever Shop for all the Baked Potato Sticks.   American snack: Orange Juice orange-juice-2 This juice not only provides many healthy benefits, but also tastes like childhood to many Americans. Just don't drink a glass of OJ right after brushing your teeth. Blech! Korean version: Aloe Drink kunu26_20130627170721_view Aloe drink is a refreshing juice that is also loaded with many healthy vitamins and minerals. The drink is sweet, and there are bits of sweet aloe in the drink -- just like pulp in orange juice! Check out the SnackFever Shop for aloe drink options.   American version: Caramels caramels-valentine Caramels are the quintessential sweets to have around the holidays -- or any day, for that matter. Caramels are used in classic recipes like caramel apples, or just enjoyed by themselves. Korean version: Milk Caramels IMG_3863 Recognize these sweets from "The Entertainer?" These Lotte milk caramels are chewy and yummy. They can satisfy your sweet tooth or can be melted to use in recipes. Work that sweet tooth - we've got Milk Caramels available in the SnackFever Shop.   American version: Tuna Tuna-Sandwich-Food Tuna cans haven't changed all that much. The chicken of the sea has been a go-to quick meal or snack for Americans for decades. It is usually eaten with crackers or on bread. Korean version: Kimchi tuna sauce f0244336_5229ec9ebe98e This tuna doesn't play around -- it's kimchi-flavored and packs a punch, adding a spicy, tangy twist to the meal! It's the best when eaten with a bowl of freshly steamed rice! ~~ snackfevercom

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