Korean Theater Combos that Make Going to the Movies Worth It

Korean Theater Combos that Make Going to the Movies Worth It

When I was in second grade, I would hear my friends share about their weekend trip to the movie theater. It would make me feel a little envious because my family would rarely see movies in the theater. Now that I am an adult, I finally understand why: it’s ridiculously expensive! Think the movie ticket is expensive? Wait until you see the prices for snacks.

In Korea, movie theater snacks are done right. We’re talking about squid, chicken and fries, and more! Of course, a trip to the theater would not be complete without popcorn. Korean movie theaters offer various flavors of popcorn and allow you to split your popcorn bucket in half, meaning that you no longer have to painstakingly choose between your two favorite flavors. Want to know more about the other enticingly unique movie theater snacks offered in Korea? Here are  5 Cinema Snacks You Can Find in Korean Movie Theatres.

Not only do the movie theaters in Korea offer some pretty enticing snacks, they also offer snack combos with cute packaging. Instead of feeling dread over having to pay for sustenance, you’ll feel the desire for them to hurry up and take your money. Here are a few snack combos in Korea that will make a trip to the movies worth your while:

If you love the How To Train Your Dragon series as much as I do, you’ll fall in love with this combo. To start, you pick your “sweet combo,” composed of popcorn and a drink, then painstakingly choose one of three pieces of How To Train Your Dragon merchandise: a keychain, character cup, or Tupperware cup. I can’t choose. Give me one of everything!

KakaoTalk is, without a doubt, one of the most popular messaging platforms in Korea. Their mascots, Kakao Friends, are one of the driving forces for its wide popularity. This particular combo features the familiar Kakao Friend, Ryan, being a filmmaker as well as a limited edition Ryan head popcorn bucket. Of course, the 3D glasses on the popcorn bucket move up and down.

Your Name, or Kimi No Na Wa, is a popular anime movie that came out in 2016. It not only became popular in Japan, but also across the world. The theaters in Korea surely did not disappoint in its attempts to help promote the anime. Not only did you get a Your Name-themed popcorn bucket and beverage cup, you also got a whole goodie bag. For those who were attending the movie with a friend or a date, a special combo with popcorn and two drinks were offered, along with a 500-piece puzzle to work on together. Whichever combo you choose, you’re a winner.

Who doesn’t love merchandise featuring adorable characters? Doraemon is a cute, robotic cat from a Japanese manga series. This adorable Doraemon combo comes with a pirate-themed Doraemon popcorn bucket and character cup.

Looking at all of the merchandise offered with these movie theater combos, only one word comes to mind—quality. Each piece looks absolutely clean and flawless, and would be enough to drag me out of the house and into the movie theater.

What are your favorite movie theater snacks?
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