Korean Snack & Food culture in Latin America

Korean Snack & Food culture in Latin America

Food. One of the many things that bring people together. Food is worldwide, you can learn so much from it, as well as its culture. Food is the ingredient that binds us together.

Today, I asked myself how worldwide Korean Cuisine is. How does each country embrace Korean dishes? How popular is it? How does it rank against other types of food?

My point of interest: Latin America. I am currently living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and my love for Korean Culture increases by the minute. The need to learn more about it is substantial. I decided to take the Santo Domingo streets in search for Korean establishments, seeing how the culture has been embraced here, and if people actually enjoy it.

I got the opportunity to go to a Korean Cuisine restaurant called Ñam Ñam. Located at the Acropolis Center mall, in Santo Domingo. First impression, loved the homage they give to Korean Culture, it is an amazing place to be.

It was a lovely evening, and the food was amazing. The main goal here is to learn about Korean Cuisine as a whole in Santo Domingo, so I managed to mingle a little bit and got around to talk to this lovely Korean couple that go often to eat here and the conversation was enriching.

I learnt that Korean Culture as a whole is not greatly known here in the country, due to people not wanting to try new and different things, sticking with the usual, and not knowing that such places exist. Also, the people that mostly visit these types of restaurants are Korean people that live here. And in regards to how it ranks amongst other types of food, it's not as popular. But, not all is bad, the community that do like Korean Culture, and its food, and people,even tho is not as big as other places, is filled with amazing people that greatly love and are interested with pretty much anything that has to do with Korea.

In regards to the food, it was amazing, and the menu is extensive, so you have a wide range of yummy Korean dishes to try out. First I went with a order of Korean dumplings called Mandu. They were exquisite and so rich of taste.

For the main meal, I went with Kimchi Bokkeumbap and it was amazing. The taste was exquisite and the spicy meter just right. I will be coming back for more.

As for the dessert, I got a little Korean Snack called Chocopie, which was addictingly. As a whole, this meal was a A+.

In conclusion, the food was amazing and the experience was fulfilling. Now, it was sad to learn that not many people know about how amazing Korean Cuisine is, but, in good news, the community is starting to grow day by day, and more and more people are sharing it and letting people know, that it is amazing to try new things and to learn new things about other cultures. The key to this is socializing, sharing your knowledge with different people so that you can plant a little seed of intrigue so that more people get to know more of the amazing culture of Korea.

Written by Jose Claudio

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