Korean Skin Care: Why so Daebak?!

Korean Skin Care: Why so Daebak?!

Has Korean skin care unlocked the fountain of youth? The tree of life? The secret to beauty?

by Fit-n-spicy Mochi

Why is Korean skin care so daebak (amazing)? From K-idols to the average woman on the streets of Seoul, Korean complexions reign as the golden standard of skin care these days. What are the secrets to their flawless skin, and how can you achieve it? Well, it’s no secret that Korean skin care products are taking the world by storm! But why are Korean products standing out in a seemingly saturated world market? Simply put, they’re innovative and they work!

In South Korea, competition among manufacturers driven by a stylish consumer market results in quality products to suit every skincare need. Apparently, healthy skin requires a LOT to stay healthy and youthful-looking. Here’s the BIG secret to Korean skin care: many steps, and many products! Time-consuming? Yes. Costly? Most Likely. Effective? Definitely! Worth the investment? That's up to you to decide for yourself.

Depending on your skin type, where you live, your age, genetics, and the current state of your skin, your morning and night skin care regimen may require anywhere from 6 to 12 steps and products. I know, the thought alone sounds daunting! But the quest for ageless skin requires time and commitment.

I’ve created my own summary of these steps for you below. If you’re interested in pursuing a more detailed skin care breakdown with more product information, I’ve included some helpful links at the end of this article. Let’s examine the longer, more intensive, night-time routine:

  • Makeup removal
  • Cleanse
  • Extra cleanse - specialty cleanse, treatment cleanse, or exfoliation cleanse
  • Tone
  • Essence – skin cell renewal booster
  • Treatment – acne, pigmentation, lines & wrinkles
  • Eye cream
  • Overall moisturizing
  • Sleeping serum, pack or mask (not a physical mask, but leave-on cream or gel)

Add to the above the occasional sheet, peel, or wash-off mask once or twice a week to round it off to 10 steps.

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Specialty skin concerns or issues add on more products/steps. The morning routine wouldn’t require all the cleansing steps or the sleeping serum, but you’d definitely want to add sunscreen at the end. Give yourself a chance to try out and embrace this multi-step routine. You’ll want to allow products to sink into your skin before moving on to the following step or application. Setting aside time to work through your routine un-hurried ensures consistency and optimal results.   Think about and write down what your skincare needs and desires are. Research products, ingredients, and reviews. Many skin care companies produce several lines targeted at the skincare needs of varying age groups, price points, and those who might desire largely natural and/or organic ingredient products. Innovation and design make Korean skin care products fun to shop for and use. Packaging runs the gamut from cutesy and adorable, to trendy and chic. Products often transform during use. Pearlescent gels turn into rich and creamy lathers. Solids become slick liquids. Scents run the range from clean and natural to sweet, like candy, or floral and fresh. You're sure to find something to suit both your needs and aesthetics mutually!

Here are some links to get you started on your new skin care routine! The Korean Skin Care Routine Korean Skin Care Tips Korean Beauty Skin Care

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