Korean Mukbangers You Need to Follow!

Korean Mukbangers You Need to Follow!

The internet is a place where one can discover many things, from new genres of music to keeping up to date with politics, celebrities, daily news, and so much more. With the coming of new exciting challenges (fire noodles challenge, eating large amounts of food, and other bizarre trends),  new content and other fascinating ideas brought from all around the world that are finally growing popularity, catching the interest of many globally. One of these growing interests among many is videos of people eating, also known as mukbang (멐방), a video trend filmed by many around the world.

The trend of the mukbang, literally mashed up from muk-ja (eating) and bang-song (broadcasting), started in 2011 and has now taked over Youtube with a wide range of videos.

Here are five Korean mukbangers you should subscribe to today!

  • Hong Sound 

A YouTuber on the rise with 1.3 million subscribers, first joining YouTube in December of 2015! Hong Sound is well-known for two versions of videos: the first type is shortened, a sped-up version which features him talking, and the second is longer videos with no cuts, talking, or sounds other than him eating! His channel also features other ASMR that doesn’t include eating. He sure does know how to satisfy his viewers!


SIO is climbing his way in the mukbanger world with 753,000 subscribers,  joining in the start of 2017, but finally starting his upload of videos in April of 2018! SIO pleases his viewers by uploading daily, giving many the content they need! His channel features mukbangs and other ASMR videos that don’t include eating.

  • SinCook 

This YouTuber is like no other! Joining at the beginning of 2015, now with 521,000 subscribers and over 300 videos on his channel, SinCook is known for his mukbangs being filmed in convenience stores at 3:00-5:00 a.m. His channel gives his viewers even more content with beauty and cooking videos! There has to be something for everyone! 

  • Dorothy 

Dorothy, with over 3 million subscribers and over 700 videos, is truly the queen of mukbangs! Joining the YouTube world in June of 2016, she enjoys eating spicy foods from the comfort of her home, trying new restaurants, and taking on challenges! She also gives her viewers the option of her Real Sound videos, featuring only eating and no talking. 

  • NuNu

Shownu from MONSTA X, joining the mukbanger world with his stage name of NuNu, is featured on the M2 YouTube channel. With a current upload of fifteen videos, Shownu is working hard and eating well for all Monbebe and other viewers! NuNu has also featured other members of MONSTA X in his videos. 

These five Korean mukbangers are sure to leave your mouth drooling after each video! Not only do they give their viewers options on the type of video sounds they prefer, but they also include different language subs, such as English and Japanese! Make sure to check these YouTubers out and subscribe to their channel for more great content! 

Cover Image: Hong Sound (x)
Written by Andrea Villarreal

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