Korean Cookies and Biscuits 🍪

Korean Cookies and Biscuits 🍪

What’s your preferred cookie? Small, chocolate-filled, and crunchy? Or maybe a generously-sized biscuit perfect for dipping in tea? How about maybe a flaky wafer that melts in the mouth? Or maybe you’re like me and enjoy every biscuit out there. Either way, I’m sure we’re all a little bit guilty of enjoying one or two of these little sweet treats, and here's a list of these moments of happiness that can be found in South Korea. 

  • Lotte Sand Pineapple Cookies

Ever thought of trying pineapple-flavoured cookies before? Now you can!
Lotte Sand Pineapple Cookies are sandwich biscuits with a soft and creamy pineapple filling, that has been referred to as sweet and fruity. It’s like you’re eating fruit, too, right?

  • Binch 

A snack for all of you chocolate lovers out there, here’s another little treat to add to your favourites! A crunchy, sweet biscuit topped with smooth chocolate… how can that not sound yummy? Perfect for those moments when you are ready to relax in front of the TV and just chill, maybe pair it with a nice warm beverage. Perfect. Go on, treat yourself. 

  • Kanchyo

And now, for something cute! …not too cute to eat, of course. You'll be pleasantly pleased when you chomp on one of these cookies as a lovely, sweet strawberry filling awaits you. A light, sugary snack for those work-time cravings. 

  • Chic Choc

If you like the classic cookie with chocolate chips, then here is your biscuit! It's a scrumptious, soft and chewy texture with multiple thick pieces of chocolate scattered over it. So when you’re getting those sugar cravings, here is the very snack that will save you.

  • Watermelon Choco Pie

Watermelon and chocolate, just think about it for a second. At first, you may think it’s a bit strange, and maybe it is, but sometimes food collaborations can work out for the best. Think of that delicious, fruity taste of a watermelon mixing with the sweet, smooth chocolate while munching down on the soft, cakey biscuit. Maybe it’s like Marmite—you either like it or you don’t—but don’t knock it until you try it.

There we have it, a quick list of some of Korea’s cookies and biscuits to try. Let us know if you’ve ever tried any of them before and what you thought! 

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Written by Nicole Simpkin

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