Korean Beauty Products You Should Have in Your Bag

Korean Beauty Products You Should Have in Your Bag

K-beauty is more than your regular cosmetic items; it includes beauty products ranging from face masks, makeup palettes, creams, lip tints, nail, hair and foot masks. Many may have heard of the term “glass skin,” which is a worldwide skin goal of a translucent, pore-less, and illuminated facial look. These popular K-beauty items may help reach the desired appearance. K-beauty doesn't end with adding a pop of color to your daily appearance, many products are simply to die for! The cutest packaging, themes, collaborations make it all irresistible, and you'll become a makeup enthusiast in no time.


BB creams and cushions are the main core of K-beauty. Rather than a foundation, BB creams are often used as a base. Many BB creams have benefits for the skin combined into one single product containing moisturizer, sunscreen, anti-aging, brightening effects, and coverage for a perfect makeup look. It’s a must-have for many.

  • Missha - Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++

This product is perfect for matte finish lovers, including for those with dry or oily skin. It’s lightweight and won’t leave your face feeling cakey. If used for oily skin, it is recommended to finish with a setting powder for the best results. Also famously known for its various shades. Everything you’d ever want in a BB cream can be found here!

  • Holika Holika - Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream

This product is ideal for those with oily skin, infused with tea tree oils that help with breakouts, acne, and for those with pinkish undertones. It includes four different finishes: bouncing, moisturizing, shimmering, and an aqua finish.

  • Dear, Klairs - Mochi BB Cushion Pact SPF40 PA++

This product may beat every other product just because of how cute it is! The Mochi BB Cushion is offered in a neutral and warm undertones with a balm type to fill in pores. It’s also great for those with redness, helping in neutralizing the red areas. This cute product leaves a silky smooth finish, continuing to remain flawless despite sweat and oily skin.


Lipsticks and tints are common must-haves for makeup looks. From chapsticks to lip glosses and tints, it’s a need for many, giving a final touch and keeping our mouths feeling less lonesome. Many times, lip products have such a nice fragrance that we have to stop ourselves from licking it off (or is it just me?), but these tints are much more than a nice smell and finishing step for makeup, with a long duration that leaves you with a satisfied look. Its cute packaging makes it even harder for one to resist buying!

  • Etude House - Dear Darling Water Gel Tints

These lip tints come in six shades that are very pigmented and only require a small amount of use. With infused fruit extracts and a long duration, it’s great for daily use!

  • Peripera - Ink Velvet

This lip tint is perfect for those who love a matte finish. With over twenty shades to choose from, your lips will always leave others stunned. There are also choices for those who’d rather have a smooth finish. It’s lightweight and lasts up to six hours. Perfect for a day at work, school, or any other event.

  • Labiotte - Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint

As said in the name, this is packaged in wine bottles, ranging from eight different shades, all containing French wine extracts giving it a wine smell and taste. The moisturizing lip tint helps shed dead and dry skin cells, lasting from five to six hours so it’s great for everyday use. Also commonly used by many K-idols, what other reason would you need to make this a must-have item?


Many of you may think that carrying eye shadow is unnecessary, especially when thinking of palettes. These items are easy to carry, cute, and great when in need of a quick touch up!

  • Etude House - Play Color Eyes Cherry Blossom Edition

This eyeshadow palette is perfect to complement the cherry blossom season. With ten different pink-inspired shades in shimmering and natural matte finishes, it includes four new shades and six complimentary selections from the Look At My Eyes palette. It’s perfect for any look.

  • Missha - Triple Shadow

The Triple Shadow is small and convenient to carry around with only three shades in each palette, and a total of sixteen different ranges of shades to choose from. Each contains argan oil for a smooth finish, making it perfect for beginners!

  • Peripera - Ink Fitting Shadow

With over thirty shades, each color is singular and packed into a small square case. These shades also come in shimmery or matte finishes. This eye shadow has a soft and dewy touch, so you may be tempted to apply with only your fingers for any look.


Hand creams are an essential need for anyone, especially during the winter. These hand creams leave your hands smooth, smelling good, and even help with wrinkles. In addition to their benefits, the packaging gives one another reason to make these products a must-have.

  • TonyMoly - Peach Hand Cream

Just like the name says, this hand cream is in a peach-shaped form. With peach and apricot extract, an anti-aging formula all combines to leave your hands smooth and smelling amazing.

  • Holika Holika - Peko Hand Cream

Inspired by a Japanese character brand named Milky, this hand cream is available in three different scents: mango citrus, peach, and grapefruit. Each enriched with shea butter, this cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly into your skin.

  • The Saem - Choco Pie Hand Cream

The instant you see this packaging, you may get confused as it’s very similar to the packaging of the famous Choco Pie snack. It gives a whitening effect, and leaves the hands smooth and soft. It truly is the cutest thing!

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Written by Andrea Villarreal

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