Kimbap or 김밥? Let’s Pair it Up!

Kimbap or 김밥? Let’s Pair it Up!

Hungry for a small but fulfilling meal? The small but mighty power food, kimbap, has you covered. Kimbap commonly known as “김밥” comes in various flavors and combinations, to satisfy your growling tummy! But if you want to mix-it-up, then here’s a list with the best pairings for that little rice and seaweed roll.

For starters, these bite-size rice and seafood rolls, are full of diversity! They not only have their base ingredients of egg, carrots, yellow pickled radish, and spinach but can also be filled with the meat of your choice like ham, crab, tuna, beef, or shrimp. What if your vegetarian? No worries! You can leave it with just vegetables and even add tofu for a protein-packed option.

Ramen (라면)

RAMEN! Ramen (라면), also known as cup-noodles in other parts of the world, is one of the most simple and most accessible out of these dishes. You can find it anywhere from your nearest convenience store to your local restaurant, it just all depends on your choice. About 5,000 won, equivalent to 3-4 USD. If you’re a spice type of person, then you will love this combo. Pick any one favorite spicy ramen with the kimbap of your choice. Then go ahead and twirl your kimbap slice within your noodles, for a munchy wrap.

Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

This ubiquitous and fulfilling dish among teenagers and basically everyone, with kimbap will make everyone want more. Tteokbokki, a traditional Korean dish made of rounded rice cakes as the main component 'tteok,' (떡), the Korean word for rice cake, and 'bokki' (볶이) for something fried. This slightly chewy and softly caramelized with sweet, fiery chili sauce called gochujang (고추장) will make you instantly fall in love with it.  For this combination, pick up your chopsticks and tightly hug your slice of kimbap and dip into the sweet and chili sauce, this will engulf your taste-buds in a mouthful of flavors from sweet, fiery, chewy, to a crunchy delight. 

Jumeokbap (주먹밥)

Want to stay within the realm of the kimbap family? This simple yet scrumptious food compliments your lonely kimbap. In Korean, jumeokbap “주먹밥” has the meaning of “fist rice,” these rice and seaweed clusters come in any size and shape from triangular pyramids to small bite-sized balls. For any non-spicy lover, this can be your next best option to amplify your taste. These seaweed rice balls will have you wanting more, becoming your go-to!

Yuksu (육수)

A commonly overlooked dish is this cooking stock. Yuksu is made of dried kelp and dried anchovy stock which creates a thin water-based stock. It has a subtle but savory note. This broth goes well with any dish even with kimbap. It may not catch your eye, but it can help you soften the crunch while refreshing your palette. For this combination, you can go ahead and dip your kimbap slice into this warm base that will have your belly filling satiated. 

Kimbap! Oh, what a journey of merging flavors in your mouth! This small but mighty food has every flavor and texture to fulfill your tastebuds. With these combinations, you will be getting up for seconds and thirds. Try these combos and comment down below which one is your favorite or leave more suggestions. Happy tastings!

Written by Kimberly Mendoza

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