KARD Makes Red Hot Comeback with 'RED MOON'

KARD Makes Red Hot Comeback with 'RED MOON'

The co-ed group under DSP Media is back to WOW fans with their fourth mini album, RED MOON. The release was announced in late January with the group's fandom, Hidden KARD, eager for their idols to join the now-famous February comeback rush.

As one of the few currently-active co-ed groups in K-pop, KARD is known for their signature Latin-wave-inspired sound and powerful choreography, and title track "Red Moon" is no exception. The song itself is started by member J.Seph calling “Señorita, are you ready?;” essentially setting the tone for the dynamic and sexy dance track that’s very evocative of the group's established concept.

With the comeback's striking yet elegant concept teased through a variety of images and previews, fans had high hopes for the title track's music video — and the group certainly did not disappoint. The official music video follows the members through a variety of locations with snippets of the highly-energetic choreography fans will get to enjoy throughout this promotional period. With an intense moombahton rhythm backing and the members' signature potent sound, "Red Moon" has all the makings of a highly-popular track while still being very reminiscent of the group's earlier songs.

This callback to their debut days was an intentional move from the quartet. All four members were deeply involved in the creation of RED MOON; with members B.M and J.Seph writing and composing for multiple tracks, and Jiwoo and Somin working closely with the concept and overall theme of the new mini album.

RED MOON holds another surprise for the group's fans: two new unit songs are included among the five in the album! This is the group's first time releasing unit songs — with male members B.M and J.Seph collaborating on the fourth track of the album, "Inferno;" and female members Somin and Jiwoo singing on their own for the album's third song, "Enemy." 

After spending some time touring abroad, the group is eager to go back to promoting in their home country and spending time with their Korean fans. Hidden KARDs can expect to see the group take part in music and variety shows during their promotional weeks alongside a wide range of other idols and groups with the February comeback rush in full swing. 

With nearly 500,000 views within hours of the music video's release, the RED MOON era is shaping up to be a highly successful one for the group!

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Cover Image: KARD (DSP Media)
Written by Vale Papili

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