K-Pop Songs to Help You Confess This Valentine's Day❣

K-Pop Songs to Help You Confess This Valentine's Day❣

Valentine’s Day can be both incredibly joy-filled and equally as stressful. For those with significant others, it’s easy to flourish your partner with gifts, chocolates, and cards. But what if you’re not so good with words? What if you have someone in your life who you’re dying to confess your feelings to? This playlist can help with that! Here’s the perfect lovey-dovey playlist for that upcoming lovey-dovey day:

"Heart Attack" - Loona (Chuu)

Ever fall for someone so hard it feels like you’ve been attacked from the inside? Well, Loona’s Chuu has got you covered. “Heart Attack” is an upbeat pop track that is a declaration of one’s feelings for another person. There’s no subtlety allowed in the word choice used to confess. It’s a very direct and bold statement that lets someone know how deep your feelings run. With lyrics proclaiming that “you’re my destiny” and “I’ll give it all, take my heart,” there’s no way your crush will end up doubting your feelings.

"I’m Serious" - DAY6

For those who have always tried to get their crush to notice their feelings through small actions, DAY6 has got the perfect remedy for your confession anxieties. “I’m Serious” is a feel-good anthem that describes every look given that should have been an indicator of one’s feelings. Their emotions are shown all in the eyes, and this song is a final attempt to get that special someone to see it, singing, “You really don’t know, my eyes are on you, only you.” It’s a classic case of thinking your feelings are obvious for a person, and them being completely oblivious. Day6 have done a fantastic job at bringing those feelings out in the open for a crush to verbally understand.

"Angel 2 Me" - McKay (Ft. Jeff Bernat)

A much softer track than the songs previously mentioned, this song is an honest and deep look into the feelings shared for that special someone in your life. The song promises affection,  complete loyalty and devotion, that “no matter what, you’re an angel to me.” It’s sure to dissolve any insecurities or fear someone may have about their relationships with its sweetly-sung reassurances and is the perfect song to play over a nice dinner or to share a slow dance with the one you love. Something straight out of a K-drama!

"Darling" - Girl’s Day

Here’s a song for those who are a bit too hesitant to share their feelings, but also feel like they’ll combust if they keep them inside! Girl’s Day cutely professes how much they love the person they’re seeing. They sing about being too shy to boldly make the first move like some other couples do, and describe a love so pure it feels like their first love. Speaking on how sweet the other person is, that it was almost impossible not to fall for them, and from now on they’ll be calling their loved one their “Darling.” It’s a wonderful track to play for those who are trying to get into their very first relationship and also perfect for those who have fallen in love all over again.

"Touch" - NCT 127

NCT 127 brings us the perfect track to describe what it’s like realizing you have a crush on someone. It consumes you’re every minute, and you’re constantly thinking about them or ways to be beside them. Sometimes you’re not even sure if it’s a crush you have or if you just appreciate them as a person, but one single touch could melt your heart and then you know you’re trapped with admiration. That’s the feeling this song is capturing! Good for anyone wanting to relive that same butterfly-in-stomach experience that comes with the early signs of a crush.

"Roller Coaster" - Chungha

In Chungha’s “Roller Coaster,” she wears her heart on her sleeve when singing about the hesitation and fear that comes from beginning another relationship. Now, she’s ready to throw all of those negative feelings away and dive head first into a new relationship with the special someone in her life. Its upbeat and catchy chorus can fill anyone with excitement about the prospects of a new relationship, and it will also help you feel at ease about any fears you hold from past experiences.

Cover Image: NCT 127 (SM Entertainment)

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