K-pop Songs of Winter 2019 for Your Holiday Playlist

K-pop Songs of Winter 2019 for Your Holiday Playlist

The holiday season is starting up but that doesn’t mean that new music stops coming out! Here are just a few K-pop songs that dropped in December to possibly add to your holiday playlist — some are joyful, some are not, but they all have the soul that is associated with the season. 

  • The Boyz "White"

“White” is a remake of a song by the girl group Fin.K.L of the same name! While similar, there are added raps and lyrical changes, too. All about joy and enjoying the season with that special someone, The Boyz sing about love falling into their hearts like the white snow. An upbeat song that plays with traditional Christmas beats, these boys never disappoint!

  • WeGirls – "Hello Christmas"

It’s been quite the year for WeGirls with their song “Ride,” charting at #48 on the Gaon Music Charts! This is their last song with six members following the announcement that EunA was departing earlier this month. “Hello Christmas” is a mix of a slower track with cheerful lyrics. It’s a girl crush Christmas song that shows off their unique mixture of rap and vocals. 

  • Sung Si Kyung & IU – "First Winter"

Sung Si Kyung and IU are a match made in duet heaven! These two have worked together before back in 2010 with their duet, “It’s You.” In this collaboration, they both sing wistfully about a couple’s first winter together. While the music video doesn’t feature the complete song, you can find the full version on YouTube! You’ll definitely have this song on replay. 

  • AILEE – "Sweater"

“Sweater” is a solemn song about missing your loved ones over the holidays. Along with a Korean version, an English one was released as well! AILEE, who is known for her powerful voice, manages to capture this sadness with a warm tone. As sad as it sounds, it is also a reminder that one can carry a person with them in their hearts, even when they are far apart. 

  • NCT U – "Coming Home"

The lineup of NCT U changes depending on the concept.  For this song, vocalists Haechan, Doyoung, Taeil, and Jaehyun are all paired up! This holiday song is different from NCT U’s classic fast-paced songs. The symphony swirls in the background as the quartet soulfully sings lyrics about regret and loss, but also the warmth of coming home, making this a listening experience unlike anything else. 

  • LOONA – "365"

This song was quite the surprise with a teaser dropping seemingly out of nowhere! With their first single after their album, [X X], LOONA came back with a gift for all their Orbits. Singing about giving their days to their loved one, “365” is an airy ballad. The accompanying piano and all their vocals combine into a heartwarming holiday song. 

  • Leo (VIXX) – "December, The Night of Dreams"

Leo of the band VIXX enlisted on December 2nd of this year, but he left a Christmas gift for his beloved fans! “December, The Night of Dreams” is a slow ballad that makes his love palatable. With slow beats and Leo’s soft voice, it feels like the same warmth as a gentle fireplace on a dark night. 

  • JXR – "Element"

Wrapping up this list is “Element,” which is JXR’s debut! This duo consists of Baekjin and Yuri who were both on Produce X 101. Their first music video showcases their energetic nature and fluid movements. While it isn’t explicitly a holiday song, you can hear light bells in the background — definitely fitting for a holiday party!

These weren’t the only comebacks in December. There are still a couple more to look out for! Red Velvet’s “Psycho” drops on December 23 followed by EXID’s “Bad Girl For You” on the 25th. The last confirmed comeback of the year goes to MOMOLAND with their single “Thumbs Up” on the 30th. This year has certainly been filled with wonderful music and here’s to the next year as well!

What songs from this list are your favorite? Tell us below!

Cover Image: The Boyz (Cre.ker Entertanment / KAKAO M)
Written by Stephanie Lemus

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