K-Pop Music Videos That are Good Enough to Eat

K-Pop Music Videos That are Good Enough to Eat

Every so often a K-Pop group will make a comeback or debut that makes viewers head straight for their kitchens as soon as the song ends. We’re talking about the music videos that feature so much food it’s hard not to get hungry after watching.

Red Velvet- Red Flavor

Red Flavor is literally the definition of food in a music video. In fact, if you look in the dictionary under the word food you’d probably see a group picture placed among the definition. Their upbeat music and colorful outfits are sure to draw you in, but is really eye catching is the amount of food that is placed not so subtly throughout the song.

This song also places a fruit to each member’s name adding an extra fruity twist:

  • Irene = Watermelon
  • Yeri = Grape
  • Joy = Kiwi
  • Seulgi = Pineapple
  • Wendy = Orange

Twice- Candy Pop

While not as fruity tooty as Red Velvet’s song, Twice brings the same amount of sweet. In this music video the girls start of as anime characters in a candy filled land who dance, or more crash, their way into a young girls room.  

The music is sweet and bubbly and definitely brings one's imagination to life!

Gugudan- Chococo

If you find yourself having a hankering for chocolate then it’s probably best to steer clear of Gugudan’s chocolate filled Chococo music video. The girls are working in a chocolate factory and all they can see is dark gooey goodness.

After watching this video you might also find yourself dreaming about chocolate later on tonight.

Orange Caramel- Catallena

This music video is a little different when it comes to the topic of food. Instead of featuring food to accompany the artist, Orange Caramel has become the food. The girls transform into various pieces of sushi throughout the music video and find themselves among huge plates and even bigger sets of chopsticks.

Member Lizzy explained why the music video was named "Catallena", “It's a new word so it may be a little unfamiliar but the exact definition is well portrayed through the song, which is about people who are immature and choosy, but strangely enough, others want to become close to them anyway.”

Got7- Just Right

Keeping with the theme of small people and objects, lets jump into the world of Got7’s Just Right. This upbeat and colorful music video features a very tiny Got7 who seems to have lost their way and ended up in a girls bedroom.

Aside from the giant makeup, the group finds themselves among items such as giant milk and giant pieces of cereal.

Just scrolling through these five videos made me crave something sweet to satisfy my palate. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s only fair that we go off to the kitchen and grab the sweetest thing we can find until the next tasty music video comes out.

Cover Image: GOT7 (JYP Entertainment)

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