K-Hip-Hop Playlist for the Hype!

K-Hip-Hop Playlist for the Hype!

Having a night out with friends? Just want to get pumped by yourself? Maybe just become your very own hype man? This set of songs will get the most out of you, whether you're movin' and groovin' up on the dance floor or swinging to the beat. Accompany your get-ready-session for a night out with the perfect cool and confident playlist to get you in that mood!

  • Sik-K feat. Crush -  “party(SHUT DOWN)”

To get this pre-party started, let’s kick it off with a classic by Sik-K called "party(SHUT DOWN)," featuring Crush. This song will get you in the partying spirit with that special someone or just bop with yourself!

  • Zico - “Any song (아무노래)”

Tired of your everyday routine? Don’t worry, you're not the only one, and Zico has you covered. In an effort to revamp his routine and his friendships, he plays “Any song.” This recently-released song will make your body move to its exciting beat! 

With the song comes a popular trending challenge, taking over the Internet with some of your favorite idols and hip-hop artists like Hwasa, Chunga, and Crush.  Have a go at the "Any Song” Challenge and see if you, too, can do it!

  • pH-1, Kid Milli, Loopy, Qwala (feat. Paloalto) - “Good Day”

Want a fresh and colorful beat? "Good Day" will get you jumping to the rhythm of these rappers' flow. Love your night out with your friends with this positive contagious vibe! 

  • Sik-K, HAON, pH-1, Woodie Gochild, Jay Park (Prod. GroovyRoom) - “GIDDY UP”    

Love AOMG or H1gher Music? Then this song has you covered! Coming from the best rappers this label offers and many more, their hardcore verses will make you want to “Live it Up!” with them. 

  •   GIRIBOY, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Swings (Prod. By GIRIBOY) - “Flex”

A beat full of hype and lux, it is. This song will help you prepare for your night out, making you feel like a billion bucks and flexing your very best self. So, gather your best clothes and bathe yourself in this confidence-boosting melody!

Yumdda (Prod. by BRLLNT) - “돈 Call Me” 

This enthusiastically charming song will surely get you feeling pumped up! Leaving any doubt for your night out behind, bring out your best self and hit the streets because you got it! 

Now, get out there and have hyped night! Listen to different songs and just let it move you! Maybe you’ll find your anthem! Comment down below with your favorite must-have pre-party song?

Cover Image: ZICO (Stardom Entertainment)
Written by Kimberly Mendoza

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