JYP’s Secret Weapon: Stray Kids!

JYP’s Secret Weapon: Stray Kids!

JYP Entertainment is known for groups like GOT7, TWICE and 2PM. Their newest idol group is Stray Kids, consisting of nine members, ages 17-22. Don’t let their looks and age deceive you, their vocal range and dancing ability are on par with their senior label mates! Their success has been rising since the release of their debut song, “District 9.” Their newest title is “I Am YOU.”

Called “the gatherers of stray kids everywhere all around the world," Stray Kids debuted in 2017, though their official debut showcase was in March 2018. Alternatively known as SKZ, the members of the group are Woojin, Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N. 

Within Stray Kids, there is one sub-unit consisting of Bang Chan, Seo Chang-bin, and Han Ji-sung called 3Racha. They made their own songs pre-debut and have their own SoundCloud outside of their albums with the main group.

In July, Stray Kids performed at KCON NY for the first time, selling out seats instantly. Their popularity only continues to rise as they also made Tumblr's Top 30 most popular K-pop acts. Fans of SKZ can find them on VLIVE as well as Instagram. The V app is where they engage in conversations with fans during their downtime, and on Instagram, they share personal and professional photographs as well as videos.

Below is a selection of Stray Kids videos which will capture your heart and make you fall in love with yet another group from JYP.

Get Cool

My Pace



Cover Image: Stray Kids (JYP Entertainment)

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