Journey through K-Pop: ASTRO

Journey through K-Pop: ASTRO

The K-pop industry is growing at a very high rate, and several  artists are attempting to find their own rhythm in this crazy world, going above and beyond to showcase their talent. Today, we're celebrating one such hardworking bunch of artists and their journey in K-pop. 

ASTRO, a six-member boyband, debuted in 2016 under Fantiago Entertainment. Their general vibe is playful and fun, catering to a vast majority of viewers. With the refreshing title single “Hide and Seek" from their mini album Spring Up, this male K-pop group started the long journey awaiting them in the industry. Since their debut, they have released five EPs and one full-length album.


Confessing feelings of moments of first love, "Hide and Seek" has the power to make you blush, and how! The colourful music video sets the right bubbly atmosphere, forcing us to cheer up! After the release of Spring Up, ASTRO rose up as the best boyband of 2016 as declared by Billboard.

  • "Should Have Held On To You (Again)"

As a part of the special album Winter Dream, "Again" explores themes centred around the feeling of regret and loss having missed seeing the person you love. This melancholic piece leaves you in awe of the strong vocals ASTRO comes with! 

What is unique to ASTRO’s discography is that they released a set of four season-themed albums starting off with their debut album, Spring Up, going on to Summer Vibes, Autumn Story and finally Winter Dreams. Each of the albums rightly capture the perfect seasonal atmosphere and pleasantly surprises us listeners!

  • "Baby"

"Baby" is the title track of the EP, Dream Part.01. This little bundle of joy showcases true ASTRO spirit. The tune is catchy and the song is completed by the powerful moves ASTRO breaks out in their choreography! What is even more unique is that as a part of their promotion, this adorable group actually interacted with a baby! Is your heart melting, yet? 

After the release of this album, the group had their first tour, The 1st ASTROAD, and had their concerts in Seoul, Osaka, and Tokyo. 

  • "Always You"

"Always You" takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with their heartfelt lyrics and soulful vocals. Although they do explore themes revolving around love, the emotions that they delve into are not only complicated but diverse. "Always You" manages to convey complex feelings in a very simple manner, signature ASTRO-style!

  • "All Night"

"All Night" came with ASTRO’s first full-length album, All Light, and was released in January 2019, thus starting the year off on a positive note! Just like the name of the song, "All Night" represents the anxiety of waiting for a phone call from your loved one.

In addition to all the music ASTRO makes, they post vlogs that give us a peek into their daily lives! From vlogs dedicated to showcase the fun relationships the members share with each other to mukbangs, we are bombarded with lovely content to binge-watch! 


Every K-pop group has their own set of unique quirks and ASTRO does, too. What brings us fans closer to the groups we love are these little fun facts!

Two of the ASTRO members: Cha Eunwoo and Moonbin are a part of acting endeavours. If you are wanting to catch them on the screen, be sure to watch A Moment at Eighteen and Rookie Historian Goo Hye Rung, both of which are ongoing K-dramas!

The group has performed several covers to songs like "Remember" by Katie, "NalinA" by Block B, just to name a few! 

Each of the members have their very own nicknames given by Arohas! For instance MJ, the eldest members of the group, is called the Happy Virus and he surely lives up to the name! 

Moonbin is known for his powerful dance moves and deadly visuals, but did you know he can differentiate members by smell?

Fantiago Entertainment treats us fans with more than what we can handle! On members’ birthdays, we are treated to childhood clips of the members. They will leave you teary-eyed so be prepared with a box of tissues! 

ASTRO steals our heart with not just their music but their adorable personalities! Who is your bias? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: ASTRO (Fantiago Entertainment)
Written by Sayantani Banerjee

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