Introducing SnackFever's Own K-pop Group: K-B.A.P.

Introducing SnackFever's Own K-pop Group: K-B.A.P.

Food and music go together like gochujang and bibimbap.

Team SnackFever is excited to announce the newest addition to our lineup -- our very own K-pop group, K-B.A.P.! "We are very excited to launch this new part of the SnackFever family," said Jo, who also joins the group as "MC Josik" (MC Breakfast in Korean). "We believe that food and music are most important in being happy, and we want our family to be happy." K-B.A.P. is a fresh and new concept on a K-pop scene that sometimes gets stale with the same type of music and artists. The group brings together Korean food and music in perfect harmony of flavors. Leading K-B.A.P. will be fan-favorite, Howard aka "Hotward." Hotward

K-B.A.P.'s fearless leader, "Hotward" Howard. "I take on this leadership role with great humility and hunger," said Hotward, who will lead the group with his rapping skills. "We hope that our fans will be just as hungry." Hotward is backed with MC Josik, Mochi Min, James Bbang, Lil' Lea, and David "DBizzle." We will announce K-B.A.P.'s first album in the near future! Stay tuned for our release on iTunes and! ~~ snackfevercom

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