iKON Surprises Fans with Concept Trailer for New Comeback, 'i Decide'

iKON Surprises Fans with Concept Trailer for New Comeback, 'i Decide'

iKON surprised fans today as they released an unexpected teaser for their upcoming comeback, i DECIDE. On January 12, the group teased a new album to be released soon, but no dates were confirmed. After a long hiatus of over one year, iKON is finally back as a six-member group.

The teaser begins with Bobby’s narration and the line: “I return to my place where I have begun with all the distrust behind.” It then pans to shots of each member in different sets, some of which appear to be locations from previous music videos. While the teaser starts with a simple, hollow sound, more instrumental and static noises are added as it goes on, giving it a faster pace.

“In spite of all the temptation, I continued walking on my own path.”

We begin to notice just how prominent squares and televisions will be for this comeback, as they have been for all of the previous comebacks that were a part of the New Kids series.

“And finally, I am here.”

The music and images pick up the pace, progressing much faster and in a more chaotic manner than they were before. While the music and photos continue, Bobby’s narration does as well, stating, “I am me. I define myself. I am the reason for everything.” as close-up shots of the rest of the members appear on stage. He finishes with the words “Why not? I decide.” as the video ends with a shot of all six members on a shipping container.

iKON’s new album, i DECIDE, will be released on February 6. While not much information is currently available, stay tuned for more updates on iKON’s official Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Are you excited for iKON’s comeback? Let us know down in the comments!

Cover Image: iKON (YG Entertainment)
Written by Danny Parotte

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