Ice Cream from the Streets

Ice Cream from the Streets

Popular in Korea, street markets allow access to a multitude of items such as souvenirs, clothes, and more importantly… food! Foods like tteokbokki and gimbap have become widely recognized and made an impact, but there are more foods to discover; one of which is desserts, and more specifically, ice cream! Locals and tourists can grab a quick dessert on the go.

Here are 5 types of ice cream you can try from the streets of Korea:

  • 32cm Ice Cream Cone

Careful, you’ll have to eat this one quick! This cone is sky high—thirty-two centimeters in length—and perfect if you’re looking beyond the normal creamy dairy ice cream. This tall dessert resembles a slushie-like texture that is sure to be refreshing. Find it on the streets and see if you can snap a photo of the whole cone!

  • Rose-Shaped Gelato

Perfect for the Instagram foodie, this aesthetically-pleasing ice cream is not only delicious to eat but also beautiful to look at. A scoop of gelato, a custard based ice cream, is sculpted to look like an elegant rose. Even if you aren’t a master of Instagram aesthetics, you should still make it a goal to try one of these and prove that it is both nice-looking and good-tasting.

  • Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream

Who doesn’t love marshmallows and who doesn’t love ice cream? Well, marshmallow and ice cream lovers here is the perfect dessert for you. In the streets of Korea, you can find ice cream wrapped in toasted marshmallow. All of this put on a stick for an on-the-go dessert that’s great for anyone with a serious sweet-tooth.

  • Black Ice Cream

Ice cream doesn’t just come in sweet, bright colors. Sometimes, you need to see the dark side of things. This black ice cream is perfect for those who want to be adventurous. It gets its color from activated charcoal and holds a pretty mild flavor. To go with the color of the ice cream, there is a pitch black cone as well.

  • Bungeoppang

Originating in Japan, this iconic fish-shaped cone has swam it’s way to the streets of Korea. Cooked in a mold shaped like a carp, this cone is one of the most iconic Korean street foods and can hold anything from savory foods to desserts, like ice cream! Most street vendors offer a variety of toppings to go with your fishy friends, so make sure to try different combinations till you find your favorite!

These are just five examples of different types of ice cream you can get from the street markets in Korea, so make sure to try all of these and more when you visit!

What other ice creams can you find and what are some of your favorites? Lets us know in the comments below and make sure to share these recommendations with your friends!

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