Hot Takes: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Hot Takes: Who Let the Dogs Out?

The sound of packaging ripping open to sweet and salty deliciousness is music to our ears, but every now and then, we love to indulge in snacks that take a little more heat. While these Korean bites take a bit more effort, it only means the results are that much more delicious!

What kind of picture comes first to your mind when you think of a hot dog? For most, it is a busy morning in New York and the smell of a hot bun with a sizzling sausage inside, drizzled with some ketchup or mayonnaise on the street. After reading this article though, your standard view on hot dogs will turn to 180 degrees as you will get to explore the various Korean flavor twists they have and your world will never taste the same.

(CHEESE) CORN DOG                                     

If you search for ‘Korean hot dogs’ you will most likely end up finding the famous corn dogs that have recently gained popularity in mukbangs for its tempting outlook and just as tasty texture.  The difference between hot dogs and Korean corn dogs is that instead of in a bun, the sausage is put on a stick, dipped in batter, fried in panko breadcrumbs and rolled in sugar. What’s more, instead of sausage, Koreans put mozzarella sticks inside the corn dog so when you take a bite, it gets people around you to drool over the dripping cheese.


Sotteok is the sibling of tteok-kkochi, a rice cake skewer that combines both rice cake bits and mini sausages fried and dipped in a slightly spicy sauce. This on-the-go snack is perfect to grab in between busy schedules because it is not as messy as a cheesy corn dog.


A crossover between hot dogs and steak is the bulgogi hot dog. The typical sausage in a bun is covered with beef chunks, cooked in typical Korean style, and drizzled with mustard. The juicy beef, combined with just as juicy sausage may not sound like the healthiest choice but the mix of flavors it will bring to your tastes is worth the extra calories. The meal is ‘fast food’ enough to not bother that it’s too much but the bulgogi makes it ‘proper meal’ enough to have for a dinner date.  


Kogo is a corn dog, taken to the next level. The sausage put on a stick is covered in fried potatoes and it is a staple among Korean street foods. Crunchy on the outside, soft, and succulent on the inside, the kogo is an ultimate snack. It makes the perfect side dish to any meal and it is so easy to make that you can have your little Korea in your kitchen if you decide to give the recipe a try!


A very exotic and unique Korean twist on hot dogs is, of course, the kimchi hot dog because…is a meal really ‘Korean-ized’ if it doesn’t have kimchi in it? Kimchi hot dog has kimchi and caramelized pineapple bits sprinkled on top of the sausage. The extravagant mixture of spicy and sweet is so sophisticated that it this version of hot dogs could easily be labeled as one of a kind. If you are a fan of mixing the best of both worlds, this combination will give your taste buds something to be happy about.

Do you know other types of Korean hot dogs? Or which one do you want to try next? Make sure to leave a comment down below and don’t forget to stop by the street vendors and give one of these (or why not all of them) snack a try when you travel to South Korea!

Written by Monica Boyadzhieva

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