Holiday Gift Guide: Facemask Edition

Holiday Gift Guide: Facemask Edition

Everyone loves a good holiday haul, am I right or am I right? Sure, the gifts under the tree might not be what the holidays are about, but they sure do make the season just a little bit better! While receiving a good haul is fun, I think it’s even more fun to find the perfect gifts for my friends and family, and this season, there’s no doubt that Korean face masks hold the ticket to a merry and bright holiday season.

‘Tis the season to give, so why not give the gift that will keep on giving well into the New Year? Here are ten Korean sheet masks that will delight all your friends and keep their skin looking healthy and fresh as we enter 2019.

Tony Moly I’m Real Sheet Mask

This popular brand offers the very best sheet masks for that one friend who is always on the lookout for something fun and different. The full collection includes fourteen unique natural ingredients and enriched essences, including pumpkin, tomato, avocado, broccoli, and milk, to name a few. No matter the flavor, each sheet mask also provides maximum hydration, which is what we all need to get through the bitter cold months.

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FUNGSI DAN VARIAN : . 🌟Pomegranate : Mengencangkan Kulit 🌟Brocolli : Merawat kulit agar dapat bertahan dari debu 🌟Seaweeds :Membersihkan kulit dari debu dan polusi 🌟Lemon : Mencerahkan kulit 🌟Tea tree : Menyejukkan muka agar kembali relaks 🌟Aloe : melembabkan kulit 🌟Tomato : Merawat kulit dari sinar matahari 🌟Red Wine : Menutup kembali pori - pori 🌟Rice : Membersihkan muka dari jerawat 🌟Avocado : Menutrisi kulit 🌟Makgeolli : Membersihkan kulit dari debu dan polusi Rp 20.000/pcs BELI 5 GRATIS 1 . . . #tonymolysheetmask#tonymolysheetmaskmedan#tonymolysheetmaskmedanmurah#tonymolysheetmaskmurah#tonymolysheetmaskmurahmeriah#tonymolsheetmaskmedanmurahmeriah#tonymolysheetmask#maskertonymoly#maskermurah#tonymolymaskerwajah

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Too Cool For School Sheet Mask

Too Cool For School is one of my favorite brands thanks to innovative products that use interesting ingredients like eggs. If this fun brand’s Egg Cream Mask isn’t on your list to get for your culinary-inclined and master chef friend, then you’re doing the holidays wrong! The Egg Mask line includes three different sheet masks, including one for firming, one for pore tightening, and one for hydration, and is the perfect complement to other eggs-ellent kitchen gadget gifts.

SKIN79 Fresh Garden Mask  

You know that one friend who blows up your phone at unlawful hours on Saturday mornings, trying to get you to join them on a sunrise hike? Yeah, that friend would love SKIN79’s Fresh Garden Mask collection. The line includes flavors like Glacial Water, Honey, Red Ginseng, Pearl, Tea Tree, Aloe, and even Snail(!!!), which, yes, does include snail secretion. Sounds a bit gross, but your outdoorsy friends will love the adventurous vibe it brings to their skincare regime.

Patchology x Kim Chi Collaboration Face Masks

Your favorite glam-friend will positively live for Patchology’s face mask collaboration with esteemed Rupaul’s Drag Race alum Kim Chi. Each of the four masks in the line feature a different artsy design similar to the magic that is Kim Chi’s makeup skills. Say it with me: skin rejuvenation but make it fashion!

Berrisom Animal Mask Series

Forget adopting all the rescue pets, Berrisom’s Animal Mask series is truly what your animal lover friend has been looking for all along. The line features über cute animals like raccoons, monkeys, sheep, pandas, tigers, and dogs. Skip the holiday trip to the zoo and instead present your friend with the full collection of Berrisom’s Animal Masks. Warning: squeals of delight are a definite upon gifting!

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🐏🐼🐹Ваши любимчики снова в наличии, веселые тканевые маски-мордочки💛💙🐶🐵🐯🐱 ⚪Белая тканевая маска – это приятно, это полезно, но совсем не интересно. Чтобы уход за кожей был не только эффективным, но и веселым, используйте забавные маски-мордочки от BERRISOM. 😻Рисунок нанесен только на одну сторону маски, поэтому совершенно безопасен для кожи. Нежнейший органический хлопок, из которого сделана маска, подходит даже для самой чувствительной кожи. Мягкое и плотное прилегание обеспечивает глубокое проникновение в кожу активных компонентов маски. В отличие от многих других масок, пропитанных 5-10 мл эссенции,Animal Mask Series пропитана 25 мл слегка маслянистой, но приятной для кожи эссенцией. 💦В составе каждой маски керамиды, ледниковая вода и комплекс растительных экстрактов.💦 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #валюшаиванова #valenaivanova #корейскаякосметика #масочки #пожалуй себя #зверюшки #маскизверюшки #тканевыемаски #мордочки #berrisom #animalmask #корейскаякосметикаукраина #корейскаякосметиканиколаев #длясебялюбимой #косметикимногонебывает #уходзакожей #пеночка #пенкадляумывания #мастхэв #misshacosmetics #лучшаякосметика #уходоваякосметика #николаев #nikolaevsity

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Innisfree My Real Squeeze Masks

Of course we love them no matter what, but let’s be real, sometimes there’s nothing more infuriating than that one friend who can never make a decision. Innisfree My Real Squeeze masks are surely the answer to all of our—I mean, that one friend’s problems thanks to the brand’s expansive collection list that includes everything from rice and bamboo to pomegranate and cucumber. You can’t go wrong with any of the moisturizing options!

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Sheet-masking 101: 1. Can be used daily as they’re non-abrasive. 2. Don’t waste the leftover serum in the packet, use it all over your body especially your décolletage/elbows. 3. DO NOT WASH YOUR FACE AFTER. I repeat DO NOT WASH! 4. Depending on your sheet mask, do not leave it longer than 10-15mins as it’ll cause a reverse reaction and dry out your skin instead. Some sheet masks are thicker and ‘wetter’ than your usual ones and will last longer than that. Check your packaging. 5. Most sheet masks are essences based while some are watery or cream. Make sure to properly seal in all the goodness and keep your skin well hydrated. I like to apply mine with another layer of light cream or facial oil depending on what my skin needs. Here are some of my masking tips/tricks. Anyone up for a 7-day #sheetmaskschallenge? These #innisfree masks are a great way to get started as they’re really inexpensive and works wonders on your skin!

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Etude House I Need You Mask Sheets

Etude House offers some truly luxurious sheet masks, including a 24K Gold Therapy Red Ginseng Mask that actually contains real gold—which will of course please your boujiest friend! Etude House also offers face masks made with lotus flower, snail (again, I promise it will do wonders for your skin), and a whole slew of good-enough-to-eat fruity options.  

Reskin Solution Monday to Sunday Mask

Reskin’s solution to a seamless skin hydration routine will literally be your most organized friend’s ultimate bias (you can bias skin care products, right?). Alternatively, Reskin’s Solution Monday to Sunday masks also work for your most unorganized friend—it never hurts to nudge our loved ones in the right direction!—thanks to seven different masks for all seven days of the week.

Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet

You can never have too much animal paraphernalia! Holika Holika’s sheet masks are almost too cute to use thanks to the baby animal branding featuring a pug puppy, a kitten, a young panda, and a seal pup. Buy the whole lot and the fun doesn’t have to stop after just one night of intense skin moisturization.

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🐼Sheet Mask Review: Holika Holika Baby Pet Magic Mask Sheet — Vitality Panda🐼 . . 🐼Packaging: Pretty cute!! Just like the other variants of this line, but with a panda this time (and what it is for: vitality). Ingredients and information are on the back. . . 🐼Some of its ingredients are: broccoli extract, salmon egg extract, niacinamide, kiwi fruit extract, and bambusa vulgaris water. . . 🐼The Scent: Nothing in particular, but it smells clean, if that makes sense. . . 🐼Application: Pretty easy, just like the other variants of this mask. Again, I like how it is just the right fit for my face and how it kind of hugs the face. I also enjoyed how cooling and relaxing it was, and that there was little to no tackiness once it was removed. . . 🐼My Verdict: I enjoyed using this, and it soothed my skin nicely, but it didn’t make my skin as dewy or plump as the other variants in this line did. However, the end result was still nice and supple-looking even during the day after, so I definitely still recommend this, and might want to try it again. 👍🏼 . . #abcommunity #abcommunityph #abbeatthealgorithm #sheetmask #sheetmaskreview #holikaholika #babypetmagicmasksheet #kbeauty #skincarecommunity #beautycommunity #skincareroutine #ReviewsbyLuna

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Etude House Wonder Pore Black Sheet Mask

Etude House’s Wonder Pore Black sheet mask is exactly what your pore/skin-obsessed friend needs sitting under their tree this year. The secret ingredient in this face mask is oak tree charcoal that has been cooked in an ultra-high temperature kiln. This ingredient helps draw out dirt and deeply cleanse pores—so basically the answer to all of your pore-pondering friend’s prayers.

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ETUDE HOUSE Wonder Pore Black Sheet Mask 21ml RM84 for 5pcs, FREE POSTAGE ♡ *add RM4 for Sabah / Sarawak Open for preorder Whatsapp: 0174607001 ETA: 2-4 weeks after order closed Notes: This mask controls sebum and cleans pores with its black sheet containing oak tree charcoal cooked in a kiln with temperature over 1,000 degrees. How to Use 1. Organize skin with toner after cleansing ritual. 2. Place mask sheet so that it fits contours of face. 3. Remove mask approximately 10~15 minutes later and lightly pat to absorb ermaining contents ETA: 2-4 weeks after order closed #PS4uEtudeHouse #PS4uMask #EtudeHouse #EtudeHouseMalaysia #SayaJualEtudeHouse #SayaJualSkincare #SayaJualKosmetik #KoreanCosmetics #koreanmakeup #koreanskincare #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #etudehousewonderporeblacksheetmask #wonderporeblacksheetmask #etudehousewonderpore #wonderpore #etudehouseblacksheetmask #etudehousewonderporemask #etudehousesheetmask #etudehousemask

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What did you think about these products? Did you find anything you're adding to your cart this holiday season? Whether it be for a friend, family member, or yourself (self-care is essential), happy holiday shopping, SnackFever fam!

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