Getting Your K-Snack on with LINE FRIENDS

Getting Your K-Snack on with LINE FRIENDS

Do you ever just look at your SnackFever box and realize something is missing to really make it feel like a scene out of a drama with all of those cute dishes? How about these items from LINE to start?

It is to be noted that designs change regularly - mostly seasonal and styles can vary from online and in store. But they are still cute, bring Korea into your home even more, and worth checking out!

Let’s start with these adorable mugs! They come in a few LINE FRIENDS designs (Brown, Sally, and Cony) and even have matching coaster! They’re perfect for a cup of coffee, tea, or even hot chocolate this holiday season!

Not into hot drinks? There’s also a selection of tumblers, water bottles, water cups, and these cold tumblers!

Even cuter are the adorable matching bowls! They come in two sizes so you can have one for snacks and one for ramen! They’re perfectly sized for cereal as well and have matching plates! You could have a complete set to go with your cup or mug!

Speaking of ramen, you’ll need some cute chopstick to eat those delicious noodles! There’s a cute travel sized Sally utensil set that comes in a matching hard case…

Or you can get these full-sized Snow Peak Brown and Sally chopsticks that are also travel-friendly! They come apart so that you can slide them in a handy pouch that hangs around your neck!

And lastly, the best one to go get - the LINE FRIENDS doshirak! Though the internal layout changes from time to time, online it currently comes as two stackable containers for your sides, a tall cylindrical container for your rice, a fork with a hard case, and a bag to carry it all in! You can get a Brown doshirak or a Choco doshirak. Here is another style of doshirak available in some of the stores!

Are any of these on your shopping list? What merchandise from LINE is your favorite? Be sure to put them to good use with your next SnackFever box!

Written by matchalexie

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