Food Tour with Park Hyung-sik 🍑

Food Tour with Park Hyung-sik 🍑

Ever wonder what your favorite K-celebs are eating lately? Look no further than their social media! The familiar faces we know and love from Korean entertainment occasionally turn to SNS to share photo-worthy foods, delivering a double helping of aesthetics and taste, and giving fans a closer look into what they’d most likely be found eating for lunch. Let’s take a trip through treats from Korea and beyond, and who knows? Maybe we’ll find our next spark of snackspiration!

Park Hyung-sik is a much cherished celebrity in South Korea, being in the idol industry for almost ten years now. There is pretty much nothing he cannot do—he’s a drama actor, singer in the popular boy band ZE:A, a dancer, a theatre actor, and as of 2019, he has started starring in films! Hanging out with him is something many of us could only dream of, but luckily, he is active on social media, and there is constant material with him being released. Through his instagram, we are gifted with a sneak peak of what he eats, in and beyond Korea. So, let’s take a peek into Hyung-sik’s life through his food adventures.

Clam Chowder: San Francisco Style

America is known for many of its foods and reinventions of food. One of these reinvented dishes is clam chowder (originally from New England), but served in sourdough bread, something that was allegedly created in a bakery called Boudin in San Francisco. Hyung-sik did not hesitate to upload a picture of the famous meal when he visited America, making many of his Korean fans wish to visit San Francisco to try out the delicious looking dish.

Parisian Crêpes

Korea has a deep appreciation of French cuisine. It is not uncommon to see French-style bakeries all over the streets, so it is not surprising that Hyung-sik would upload a photo on instagram, enjoying delicious, authentic, French crêpes near the Eiffel Tower, with his friends in Paris. And who can blame him? The Parisian crêperies and food trucks are impossible to resist with their sweet aroma when you walk past them.

Food Truck Mania

True friendship is when someone sends you a food truck to your film set in support of your new show, and that is what BTS’ V did for Hyung-sik when he was shooting his new show, Suits. Hyung-sik took a moment to thank V on his Instagram, using the hashtags #ThankYouTaehyung #ILoveYouTae. Fans of the show Hwarang, which they both starred in the previous year, got to enjoy another moment of bromance these two idols shared.

But this isn’t the only food truck promoting Hyung-sik’s shows.

A churro van for Strong Girl Bong-Soon.

And one for the Korean remake of Suits.

Prestigious Birthday Cake

In November, he left thousands of fans mouths’ watering when he posted a picture of his birthday cake. The cake was made by Bvlgari, who not only makes designer watches and jewellery, but now they make designer cake! In 2018, they made one for Hyung-sik’s birthday, whilst he was modelling for them. It’s impossible to tell if we prefer the vivid cake, or Hyung-sik’s dyed hair. Either way, the colours definitely match!

ZE:A Meal Prayers

It’s hard to forget this heartwarming video Hyung-sik uploaded, of fellow ZE:A member Kim Tae-heon saying prayers before they begin eating their take-out feast. Not only do we see a typical Korean lunch—bap, banchan and doenjang-guk. All that is left to say is “bon appétit,” or as they say in Korea (and they all say in the video), “jal meokgesseunida!”

Honourable Mentions

Frappé and sunglasses selca...nothing else could give off a more summery vibe!

It’s hard to tell who is sweeter in this photo: Hyung-sik or the peach slices he’s snacking on!

One of the most confusing videos in Hyung-sik’s instagram. It raises so many questions. Why is he using a sausage as a mic? Who is holding it for him? How did the whole thing start? Although it will remain a mystery to us, we can enjoy this hilarious video and his beautiful voice.

It is clear Park Hyung-sik thoroughly enjoys food, and is unashamed to post it on his Instagram (quite rightly so!). We cannot get enough of his sense of humour, his love of food and his wonderful adventures. Have you ever tried any of these? What food appeals most to you? What food would you like to share with Park Hyung-sik? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: Park Hyung-sik (Star Empire Entertainment)
Written by Lucille Bamber

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