Flowers of Korea 🌺

Flowers of Korea 🌺

Flowers are the pinnacle of any beautiful scenery. The colours, the shapes, the sizes. They portray beauty in so many interesting and intriguing ways, and when you walk past one truly beautiful flower, you can’t help but stop and take a photo. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what these flowers were called? While we can't cover every flower of Korea, maybe next time you see one of these, you'll be able to name it!

  • Hibiscus Syriacus

The national flower of South Korea, known as mugunghwa, blooms throughout August and usually lasts a few weeks. These pretty flowers hold the colours of a gentle light pink on the large part of their petals with a spot of a darker pink in the centre, creating an ombre effect. If visiting Korea in summer, you know what to look out for!

  • Forsythia Koreana

A vivid yellow stands out in a field in the distance. What may this flower be? It’s so bright, and the shape is so intriguing. Forsythia Koreana, also known as the Korean golden bell tree, blooms in the colder months of the year from around late January to March, and usually lasts for a few weeks. 

  • Korean Pulsatilla

This flower is truly fascinating! The shape looks like something out of a fantasy movie, don’t you think? Pulsatilla is a type of perennial herb and can also be used as traditional herbal medicine. 

  • Corylopsis Korean

Maybe you know this flower by it’s more popular name—winter hazel, a tree of sorts covered in cute little blossoms that are fairly spread along its branches. The soft yellow that colours these flowers make them seem perfectly calming, and if you find one, great for some Instagram photos. These flowers are native to both Asia and North America, so if you think you’ve definitely seen one of these around before, you might have!

  • Cherry Blossoms

We're sure everyone knows this one. The famous cherry blossoms, with beautiful light pink petals, bloom in the spring and are displayed all over the country, along the streets and in parks. When they’re in bloom there are even festivals dedicated to them! Walking under cherry blossoms is one of the most peaceful things to do, so next time you’re in Korea during spring, have a chill stroll through some of the gorgeous trees. 

Have you taken any photos of or with any of these flowers? Or maybe some others that you discovered on your last trip to Korea? Feel free to show them to us in the comments!

Written by Nicole Simpkin

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