Five Classical Musicians Worth Following on Instagram

Five Classical Musicians Worth Following on Instagram

It goes without saying that when it comes to Korea's musical export, K-pop reigns supreme. It's one of the country's primary points of contact to its global audience, with groups like BTS, BLACKPINK and NCT 127 leading international interest in Korean culture. But K-pop is not the only type of music Korea has to offer. One branch of music that is beloved by a loud minority is classical music, and Korea is a surprisingly vibrant hub for some of the world's most talented classical musicians.

In the age of social media, many of those musicians are sharing their passion to the world on Instagram; some with pretty hefty follower counts. To show these gifted people some love, we've gathered just a small handful for you to check out, help cleanse your palette and maybe even give you a few new faces to fervently follow along with your favorites.

Bassist Sung Minje

It takes a special kind of person to dedicate their life to mastering the double bass, and Sung Minje has done that. His skill is mindblowing. The way his hand glides across the strings with incredible easy is a joy to watch and hear. If you're used to the deep resonant tones from a bass, prepare to be amazed at just how dynamic Sung is on the mighty thing.

Saxophonist Brandon Choi

The saxophone is widely known as a jazz staple, but Brandon Choi often explores a wider use of the instrument. Choi’s Instagram is filled with short clips of himself performing an array of pieces, sometimes alongside famous singers like indie darling Yozoh.

Violinist Danny Koo

If you're looking to follow a classical musician with a hilarious Instagram feed, check out violinist Danny Koo. Aside from being a master on the violin, he's also a master at turning himself into a meme. As seen here, in which Koo finishes off a Vivaldi bit with—you guessed it—a "Baby Shark" featurette.

Flautist Jasmine Choi

If you're more of a woodwind person, flautist Jasmine Choi provides high-quality content on her Instagram. Her command of the instrument is awe-inspiring, and it seems many people feel the same as she has an impressively large follower count on both IG and YouTube. She recently uploaded a "Flute Bag of Jasmine Choi" video to her channel, in which she reveals everything she carries with her (aside from her flute). Any guesses?

Violinist Henry Lau

Lastly, we had to show former Super Junior-M member Henry Lau some love! It's common knowledge in the K-pop community that Henry is a gifted violinist. However, if you're unfamiliar, here's an awesome cover Henry uploaded to his Instagram of Ariana Grande's "7 Rings."

If you’re a classical musician or a fan of classical music, what are some of your favorite pieces and instruments to play? Are there any artists you follow that we didn’t list here? Sound off in the comments section below and spread the love for classical music!

Cover Image: Danny Koo
Written by Arnold

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