Fall in Love with 'LA TRAINS,' a New Collab by DAY6's Jae and 88rising

Fall in Love with 'LA TRAINS,' a New Collab by DAY6's Jae and 88rising

When we heard the news about this collab, we could barely hold in our excitement! DAY6’s Jae (or eaJ as he's been referring to himself lately) joins forces with 88rising to give us a short and sweet love song.

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Goodluck guise 🕺

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"LA TRAINS" is simply played, with only an acoustic guitar and Jae’s soothing voice. It talks about how he doesn’t want to forget a moment, how he is stuck in it because it was so beautiful. 

The song is also the first video he has uploaded in a year to his YouTube channel, JaeSix, which he has kept for a long time. Prior to release, there was speculation about whether or not this is his solo debut, to which Jae answered that it isn’t — it's just a personal project he wanted to share with MyDay. 

The lyrics from the song have also caused a mayhem in the MyDay community. Why? Jae decided to not reveal one line of lyrics, which made everyone try to do some lip-reading to guess the words. He tweeted that if anyone guessed what the lyrics were, he would verify it. 

Check out the lyrics and the song below:

I’m stuck in this moment
Cause it shines beautiful
So do these streetlights
And so do you
Wish we could stay here
Without so much as blinking
Keep you in my eyeline

This is just a small taste of what Jae has in store for us as many more surprises are coming alongside 88Rising so keep an eye out for all of them. Check out Jae’s Soundcloud, and let us know what you thought of “LA TRAINS” in the comments below!

Cover Image: DAY6's eaJ (JYP Entertainment)
Written by Helena Diaz

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