Eric Nam: Singer, Host, Interviewer, and... Snacker?!

Eric Nam: Singer, Host, Interviewer, and... Snacker?!

American-born idol Eric Nam does it all: he sings, he interviews, he hosts, and he snacks!

by Fit-n-spicy

Mochi In January of 2016, Eric Nam left his much-beloved hosting position on Arirang's K-Pop TV program for global fans, After School Club, to focus on his singing career. Throughout much of 2016, Nam kept busy diligently working on individual song releases and collaborations, hosting KCON, and making and recording numerous TV show appearances. Now he’s back in full force hosting not one, but TWO highly entertaining talk shows! Luckily for his fans, Eric returned to the interviewer position in November 2016 with MNET's Yang and Nam Show. The program was re-titled New Yang Nam Show in February of 2017, and all 7 members of BTS appeared as the first lively guests, kicking off the show's new format. Hanging out in pajamas on a cute cartoonish set, Nam, along with his co-host, created a comfortable atmosphere resulting in many unexpected, spontaneous, and hilarious interactions with the boys of BTS. Yang Nam Show With BTS In the same month, Eric Nam also joined the MC’s of tvN's Life Bar becoming the 4th and youngest member of the hosting group. The show invites celebrity guests to share stories in a casual bar setting. With Nam’s arrival, the show changed its rating from 15+ to 18+ (R-rated) in hopes of boosting both the fun and viewership of the show. Eric Nam On Life Bar Besides Eric Nam, what do these two shows have in common? Lots of snacking! Smartly thought out, what better way to loosen up your guests than with food and drink? Create a party atmosphere with charismatic hosts, feed your guests, and good times and good stories are sure to follow! Congratulations to Eric Nam! He's landed two hosting duties that combine snacking with his interviewing talents, resulting in great entertainment for us all. May your favorite idols (or bias!) show up on one of these shows soon! Grab some friends, your SnackFever box, and sit down to watch Eric Nam on one of his shows while swapping some great stories of your own! 

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