Enjoy the Green in Seoul

Enjoy the Green in Seoul

Warm seasons gift us many green plants and beautiful, colorful flowers; and quite often, once the weather is colder and it’s all gone, we really miss it. Well, Seoul has a wonderful solution: With an abundance of themed cafes, indoor and outdoor gardens, you can experience nature brimming with life even during the coldest seasons. For that, most of these places have the plants and flowers inside, so no matter what the weather conditions are behind the walls, the greenery inside is well cared for and safe. Let’s take a look at some of these places you can visit in Seoul!

  • Ver’s Garden

Once you enter, you are immediately surrounded by different plants and flowers, the wooden interior giving the cafe a more natural look. In the evening, it all looks like something out of a Studio Ghibli movie—a magical flower shop that lights up and turns into a cafe buzzing with life. The interior is so alive, people come here just to take a picture. Korean photographer Mugung also used the cafe for a photoshoot, which fit her flowery concept very well. There are flowers hanging from the ceiling, flowers hugging the walls, and some even find a way to decorate your drink. Just like the name of the cafe, it is like an indoor garden, and a great place for some tea or a refreshing glass of a fruity lemonade. The drinks have small flowers and leaves to blend in with the concept of the cafe, and even the desserts have some nature sprinkled on them.

  • Seoul Botanic Park

A new botanical garden has been built recently, attracting nature lovers and couples seeking out good spots for a date. With an impressive display of plants from twelve cities around the world, massive eye-catching architecture and extra activities to pass the time; the park has certainly gained many visitors since it’s opening in May 2019. There, you can find a learning area for kids, a cafe, cafeterias and places to buy botanical plants to decorate your home. The park is still new and the outside greenery needs time to grow, so when you think that it’s time to visit the Seoul Botanic Park, take the subway Line 9 or the Airport Express Line and take exit 3 of Magongnaru Station. Just a short walk and you’ll be there in no time!

  • Agreable Cafe

This cozy cafe is situated in Gangnam. A display of plants and small trees greet the customers right at the entrance, so it’s quite easy to spot the place. It’s a bright space during the day and when it gets dark, the cafe lights up and the yellow gleam shines on the plants, inviting people to come inside. Although the drinks and desserts might be pricey, the atmosphere is worth the trip. Each corner is adorned with plants and flowers, some of which you can purchase. Grab a cup of flower tea or your favorite cup of coffee, take a seat on the second floor, maybe get your favorite book, and don’t forget a camera — you can take some great pictures there!

  • Namsan Botanical Garden

Unlike other places, this botanical garden is outside, but that is what makes it so special! As the seasons change, you walk the paths and admire the change in nature, too. It is a perfect place to find some shade in the summer heat, a colorful wonderland in autumn ideal for a jog, a walk with a warm cup of cocoa in your hand as you stroll through the snowy path in the winter… Could you imagine all the little flowers and plants bursting into life in the spring? It truly is a blissful thought, so if you’d rather experience the plant life in its natural cycle, then Namsan Botanical Garden is just what you need to please your soul.

Green is the color of life, energy, and growth. It makes people feel calm, and when the leaves are gone from the tree branches, we either search some plant life while travelling to warmer countries or try to find the green in the city. As it turns out, Seoul is prepared for that! Grab a drink in a nature-themed cafe to take a walk in a botanical garden any time of the year. It’s a great way to escape hectic city life without actually leaving the city.

If you would like to travel further than Seoul, there are more captivating indoor botanical gardens in South Korea, such as:

From all of these wonderful places, is there one that caught your eye the most? Share with us in the comments below!

Written by Ruta Balzekaite

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