Enjoy Summer in Toronto, Thanks to Soul Cafe's Bingsu

Enjoy Summer in Toronto, Thanks to Soul Cafe's Bingsu

Do you live in the Greater Toronto area? Have a craving for bingsu? Or just need a cool treat to keep you from melting in the harsh heat? Then Soul Cafe has got you covered! They have many different flavors to choose from! Including the traditional fruity bingsu all the way to cream puff!

This cafe has two locations in Toronto: North York (23 Drewry Ave) and Sheppard (23 SpringGarden Ave). Their first location in North York opened in 2016 and is actually known as a coffee shop; however, they not only sell coffee but also bingsu, condensed milk toast, waffles, pizza, and specialty drinks!

There are multiple flavors of bingsu at Soul Cafe! You’ll need to go more than once to truly decide which flavor is your favorite!

  • Watermelon

This bingsu is served in half of a watermelon with watermelon balls, condensed milk and watermelon syrup. It’s even served with a watermelon popsicle on top! Cute and delicious!

  • Mango

All the mango lovers out there have to try this! This is made with shaved ice, mango, milk, mango puree and mango ice cream!

  • Strawberry

Shaved ice with fresh strawberries and strawberry ice cream will have you in a summer mood for sure! Every bite will taste like summer!

  • Blueberry

Shaved ice mixed with blueberries, blueberry puree and topped off with blueberry ice cream! Blueberries are not only naturally sweet but also are one of the best foods for antioxidants; enjoy and indulge guilt free!

  • Peach

This bingsu is just peachy! Fresh cut peaches, condensed milk and vanilla ice cream on top of shaved ice will help you survive the hot summer!

  • Injeolmi

Injeolmi is a type of tteok (Korean rice cake) and is one of the most popular and common. Shaved ice mixed with milk, soybean powder, chewy mochi, almond flakes and condensed milk makes for a tasty and traditional taste of bingsu.

  • Black Sesame

Shaved ice mixed with black sesame topped with mochi, almonds, red beans and black sesame ice cream makes a delectable treat that’s not overly sweet!

  • Green Tea

Matcha is a popular flavor for many different desserts including bingsu! Enjoy shave ice with milk mixed with matcha powder, mochi, sweet red bean, condensed milk and matcha ice cream! When you can’t get to Jeju Island, Soul Cafe is a good second choice!

  • Tiramisu

Enjoy shaved ice mixed with cocoa powder, condensed milk, tiramisu cake, mascarpone cheese, whipped cream, and grated chocolate! Enjoy two desserts in one!

  • Oreo

Shaved ice mixed with milk, oreo crumbs, condensed milk, vanilla ice cream and two oreo cookies that make it look like Mickey Mouse! Simple and sweet!

  • Crunch Pop

Coffee fanatics can enjoy shaved ice mixed with milk, soybean powder, mochi, expresso, cereal, almond flakes and topped with coffee ice cream! Time to start your day the right way!

  • Honeydew Melon

Shaved ice mixed with honeydew balls, condensed milk, honeydew syrup and a melon popsicle on top! This is truly one in a melon!

  • Cream Puff

Shaved ice mixed with condensed milk, topped with cream puffs, sugar powder almonds, and strawberries! A heavenly mix of bingsu and cream puffs!

Soul Cafe offers thirteen flavours of bingsu plus other delicacies, and their menu continues to grow along with their popularity! You can now even enjoy Soul Cafe in the comfort of your home because they offer takeout!

Next time you are in the GTA you should visit one of the Soul Cafe’s locations and taste test their many flavors to find the best one for you! Recommended to go with a large group so you can all taste many flavors in one visit!

Written by Ashton Carson

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