Eat Your Aesthetic: Spring Edition 🍰

Eat Your Aesthetic: Spring Edition 🍰

Spring is a time for blooming and rebirth, for both people and the earth. It brings new opportunities and change. Flowers start to bud, and green comes back to the ground. Each season brings its own beauty. What colors come to mind when you think of April?

Many people like to bring the beauty of the seasons into the foods they eat, enjoying the aesthetic of visually-appealing foods paired with the delicious tastes of the season. With the new life in full bloom and all the photos of cherry blossoms sprouting throughout social media, here are some foods of Korea that will make you feel like spring!

Cafe Cuzacuza (카페 쿠자쿠자)

This cafe is well known for their latte art and macarons of popular animated characters, such as Spongebob Squarepants and The Minions. They have iced drinks that are pink in color with fresh accents, and are well-known for their limited cherry blossom coffees. While the floral coffees have yet to make an appearance this year, they do have other tasty treats to check out in the meantime!

Dore Dore

This cafe has become well-known for their rainbow cake and cute decorations, and while rainbow does feel like April, they have other amazing options you should try! Dore Dore also offers pretty pink and green drinks, and many strawberry products. If you’re craving something else, there is also coffee and plenty of other pastries available to customers. You can find this cafe all over Korea with locations beyond Seoul.

Banana Tree (바나나 트리)

Banana Tree has some very unique but trendy foods to try! What they’re really known for is their flower pots. You can get them in different flavors, and everything inside is edible except the flowers, which you can dig out with a spoon shaped like a shovel. Oreo dirt, chocolate rocks—it’s a classic with even cuter presentation than the average dirt pudding. Another popular item here is their lattes that come with fruit on the bottom and cotton candy on the top.

Blüte (블뤼테)

The atmosphere in Blüte is very homey, and there are plants everywhere. You might find more pictures of the inside of the building than the food, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t tasty or nice to see! A lot of their more popular products are green tea-based, and they have plenty of other things to try, including fruit, coffee, and chocolate. If you are a fan of matcha and strawberries, they have a cake just for you!

HoopHoop Bagel (훕훕베이글)

A change on your usual carb, this bakery has some tasty treats, and puts a little twist on your average bagel. HoopHoop has a variety of different flavors and puts good stuff inside of the bread. Different fillings include, but are not limited to, nuts, pineapple, blueberries, apple, red bean, and even savory foods! Our highlight is on their strawberry and green tea flavors.

Dango Jib (당고집)

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This cafe is known for its cute and simplistic look and their rice cake skewers that come with different toppings. They’re also known for their pretty drinks and their bingsu, both of which have cherry blossom flavors that are perfect for the season.


Every country brings their own unique fast food. Korean Starbucks stores have always had their own products that make them stand out, from their drinks to their pastries. This spring, the seasonal drinks include a Banana Cream Pie Frappuccino, a Cherry Blossom Latte, and a Pink Matcha Shot Latte. They also have some really tasty treats, like the Strawberry and Green Tea Double Crepe, which is stacked like a cake; and the Strawberry and Green Tea Double Choux. Nothing wrong with going to a chain like this!

There are plenty of ways to feel good while the earth is changing. Some people choose food because it makes us feel happy. All things pink and green are fun to look at, and if you just like to snack, there are plenty of really cool Korean snacks to munch on or drink,too!

What are some things that make you happy this time of year?

Written by Chey Olexa

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