Eat Your Aesthetic: Blue Edition

Eat Your Aesthetic: Blue Edition

Blue is a calming color. It represents trust, wisdom, and confidence. It is used in association with the sky and the sea. Blue isn’t a color that is typically used in food, but when it is, it provides a unique scene and sweet and sour tastes. It’s always fun to eat foods or drink beverages that are nice to look at, and here are some cafes and stores in Korea that take unconventional food colors and make them into tasty treats.

  • Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe

Stylenanda is a must-see for fans of pretty locations. It has a few locations in Seoul: two for their clothing brand and two that also include a cafe floor. Their concept for the cafe is pool and hotel, with the floors being set up like pink indoor pools with a list of “rules” on the wall. You can order plenty of tasty drinks here from slushies to iced or hot coffee to berry refreshers. If you’re hungry, you can order from their list of pastries. A beautiful blue option for you to try is their cotton candy slush. This cafe is perfect for aesthetically-pleasing food and Instagrammable setups.

  • Takeout Drawing

This cafe is also an art exhibit. Each drink they serve is based on an exhibition from their gallery. They’re best known for “Paul’s Meringue Factory,” which is an espresso with a meringue flower on top. They have plenty of coffee and cake for you to try out. The blue drink here is called “Earth’s History,” which consists of a mix of espresso and blue curacao.

  • Chris Garden (Ban Bossy Boutique)

The theme decor of this cafe is filled with white, green, and pink shades and floor-to-ceiling windows that let in a beautiful natural light. They have a minimalist menu, but it’s filled with cute flower cupcakes and meals of egg sandwiches and tapas. You can find cakes and cupcakes with blue icing on top.

  • Sikmul

This shop is a mix of a cafe and a bar based on hanoks, which are traditional Korean houses. You can try different coffees and cocktails in a comfy space. If you like to support female-owned businesses, this is a great place to go. The blue treat from them is their blue and green tea cocktail with a lemon.

  • LINE FRIENDS Store & Cafe

Everyone loves the LINE FRIENDS characters and visiting the store to see all the goods you can get. A few of their stores in Korea also include cafes. You can find all sorts of treats here from burgers and fries to coffee and macarons, all with the characters’ faces on them. You can even find different treats with the characters of BT21. The blue drink is for KOYA, a blue fizzy pop.

  • Molly’s Pops

This Hongdae shop offers an abundance of homemade ice cream bars set up in a cute little space. You can try all different kinds of flavors from sea salt caramel and peanut chocolate to fruity flavors like peach and grapefruit. Our recommendation is the blue lemon-flavored bar.

While the color blue might give an atypical flavor to your food or drink, it still gives it a nice taste and pleasant aesthetic. While trying new foods, don’t let something uncommon pass you by because you just might find something you love. Blue and yellow go hand-in-hand when it comes to happiness. It’s great to find a food that you can associate with good feelings. Just the presence of something of a certain color can give the right vibe.

What do you associate with blue?

Written by Chey Olexa

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