Coffee & Tea... Mixed With Candy, Cake and Cookies?!

Coffee & Tea... Mixed With Candy, Cake and Cookies?!

Coffee and tea are both very popular in Korea. Not only can you find an assortment of coffee and tea shops, but each brings their own flavor and spin on the bean. There are also candies, cakes, or cookies made with coffee or tea.

If you don't like the bitter taste of coffee or the tea is too sweet, I recommend you check out these treats below!

Crown Couque Dasse Vienna Cookie
Coffee flavoured cookie

Coffee Peanuts

Double Dip Latte
Cookie double dipped in chocolate, latte taste

KitKat Matcha Green Tea
Wafer cookies coated with a matcha green tea flavored chocolate

Mochi Mochi Green Tea Roll
Roll Cake with a mochi filling, green tea flavored

Mochi Mochi Coffee Roll Cake
Roll Cake with mochi filling, coffee flavored

Real Brownie Powdered Tea
Brownies made with tea

Red Ginseng Jelly
Jelly candy made with red ginseng tea

Black Milk Tea Heim
Wafer made with black milk tea

Who knew coffee and tea could look so tasty!Β 

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Written by Maegs

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