BTS Releases Artistic Death through 'Black Swan'

BTS Releases Artistic Death through 'Black Swan'

After nearly a year-long wait, ARMY has been met with BTS’ new single “Black Swan.” A different take to any of their previous comebacks, BTS talks about one of their biggest fears as artists: losing their passion for music.

“Black Swan” is a classical twist to the group’s usual take on music. Although the boys have been known to not stay in a bubble and let their artistic freedom roam as it wishes, the new single falls almost nowhere near their previous genres. With a combination of classical string instruments and electronic beats, the group fuses symphonic and pop music in their own unique way.

The meaning behind the song stands true to the symbolism of a black swan. The beauty of a black swan symbolizes the want or need to let your inner most mysteries be set free through a creative outlet. BTS takes this meaning and uses their fear of losing their passion for music to symbolize their inner mystery. They released this fear by taking it and creating what they enjoy doing the most: music. The boys talk about having to go through this fear being as painful as death. Throughout the song, BTS expresses how hard they lose themselves in trying to focus on the one thing that makes their heart skip a beat. With their focus solely on trying to make something out of nothing, it feels like a trance that’s not enjoyable for any of them.

Yeah I think I’m goin’ deeper
I keep losing focus
No, just let go of me
Let my own feet carry me

The raw emotion of the lyrics are beautifully supported by the video, in which MN Dance Company helps tell the story of these fears breaking free. When watching the video, the viewer is met with the scene of a dull abandoned building and a group of seven dancers. Although for the most part dressed in black, the way in which they move and portray a swan spreading its wings and getting ready to fly brings so much light to a dreary scene. Truly letting the art of music and dance shine through in an organic way.

Shedding light to what many artists certainly go through, having a creative block can be really frustrating. However, losing passion for something that once brought you so much happiness can be scary to even think about.

In order to redefine an artist’s relationship with their passion, BTS launched Connect, BTS; a worldwide project connecting five cities and twenty-two artists. Their goal through this project is to bring a new meaning to an artist and their art. Taking place in the beginning of January through mid-March, you can find these galleries in cities across from London, Asia, and North America to name a few.

BTS reveals another side of themselves to their fans through “Black Swan,” trusting ARMY with their emotions no matter how personal or scary they might seem. Using these emotions and turning it into something many can relate to on different levels, BTS gives ARMY another way to feel connected to them. 

Are you excited to see what other ways you can connect with the group? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image: BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)
Written by Briseida Rivera

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