Bread, Butter, and More: Ang Butter!

Bread, Butter, and More: Ang Butter!

Bread and butter is more than just an idiom! In Korea, there’s a fusion food called ang butter bread (앙버터빵) that's been around for a while! Ang butter (앙버터) refers to the combination of red bean paste and butter. The taste isn’t sweet and salty, but quite savory. The mix is the highlight of this treat and it comes in a variety of forms! 

  • Scones

Ang butter bread is usually served on scones or biscuits. Scones are slightly more dense than the average bread, making this form more filling. That along with the slightly nutty taste makes for a nice morning morsel. It adds a twist to a classic British treat! 

  • Macarons

If you like bite-sized treats to have on the go, then this is for you! This is one of the more bold ang butter creations. Macarons are usually in flavors like strawberry, mango, and chocolate; but the filling of these macarons is made with pureed red beans and thick slices of butter are added in between.  

  • Toast

Ang bread can also be served on on a slice of toast or a tiny loaf of bread! Toasted or not, it’s up to you. Its cute aesthetic is even perfect for any of you foodies out there! The buttery toast and earthy taste of the red bean paste make a mix unlike anything else. 

  • Baguettes

Even baguettes got the ang butter treatment! This is one of the bigger forms of ang butter bread. They are usually served in small portions, but the more the merrier! A baguette provides both quantity and flavor. If you don’t mind the bread being a little tougher, then try it out! 

  • Rice Cake

Called ang beo-tteok (앙버떡), rice cake is added to the mix! The bread is made with rice cake, making it chewier. This doesn’t add a nice crunch but the rice cakes emphasize the flavors a little more. Using rice cake also makes this form quite light! It’s a cloud made of red beans and butter. 

Whether you choose a rice cake, toast, or a pastry, the taste will be amazing. Ang butter allows for people to play with texture and sweetness. What version would you want to try? Tell us below!

Written by Stephanie Lemus

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