Bigbang's Seungri earns more than YG?

Bigbang's Seungri earns more than YG?

By Bobby Park

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Seungri, the youngest member of Big Bang, is a world known artist with amazing vocal and dance skills. 

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He has been successful in making large sums of money through albums, concerts, and Korean variety shows. What not a lot of people know is that Seungri is also a part-time CEO for multiple profitable companies!

Natural High Records

Natural High Records is an EDM based DJ label that was first created by Seungri and now under YG entertainment.

Monkey Museum 

#Monkey_Museum 2018.07.28(SAT) 일년중 가장 설래고 비교할수 없는 특별한 주말, 몽키뮤지엄의 가장 큰 파티 두번째 생일에 여러분을 초대합니다!! - - 변함 없는 베뉴 좋은 사람들 뜻밖의 즐거움 몽키뮤~찌-엄!! - - @naturalhighrecoards @seungriseyo @djglory @tpa_official @kibumee @samnsp3ck @sam_sp3ck @jidanwoo @djbloomk @deejaysoki @goodgalhanna @kirinyang_ - 사전예매 : - 🐒OPEN: Fri / Sat ⏰pm11:30~till late - 🎼: HIPHOP,TRAP,R&B HOUSE,FUTURE HOUSE MINIMAL,TECHNO - - 📞VIP rsv : +82(0) 10 5798 3513 🚘8, Dosan-daero 57-gil, Gangnam-gu,Seoul Korea 서울시 강남구 청담동 91, 지하 - #몽키뮤지엄 #생일 #두돌 #이주년 #청담 #몽뮤 #데일리 #셀럽 #승리 #클럽 #라운지 #파티 #홍보 #셀스타그램 #NHR #hiphop #KOREA #daily #second #anniversary #daily #fasion #selfie #gift #instasize

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 Monkey Museum is a luxury bar located in Gangnam, South Korea that is available only for appointment. It is famous for its $15,000 Armandi champagne that is loved by American celebrities such as Jay-Z.

Aori Ramen

#Repost @seungriseyo (@get_repost) ・・・ 🎊아오리라멘 31호점이 광명에 오픈했습니다.🎊 #아오리라멘 아오리라멘 31호점, 국내 26호점이 4월 26일 목요일 광명에 오픈했습니다! 수도권 유일의 동굴 관광지인 광명 가학광산동굴과 경기지역 3대 재래시장 중 하나인 광명 전통시장 등이 있어 서울 근교 나들이 지역으로도 최적인 광명시에도 아오리라멘이 찾아갑니다. 아오리라멘 광명점은 경기 광명시 오리로856번길 26, 2층, CGV 광명철산점 맞은편에서 만나실 수 있습니다. · アオリラーメン31号店目、韓国国内26号店目が4月26日光明(クァンミョン)にオープンしました! 首都圏で唯一の洞窟観光地である光明 駕鶴(カハッ)鉱山洞窟と京畿道地域、3大在来市場の一つである光明伝統市場などがあり、ソウル近郊の外出地域にも最適な光明市でもアオリラーメンを味わっていただけます。 アオリラーメン光明店は京畿道光明市梧里路856番キル26、2階、CGV光明鉄山店向かい側でお会いできます。 · Aori拉面第31号分店已在光明开业! Aori拉面国内第26号店光明店已于4/26(星期四)在光明开业! 光明拥有首都圈唯一的洞窟旅游景点“驾鹤矿山洞窟”以及京畿道地区三大传统市场之一的“光明传统市场”,也是去市区最方便的地区。 以后大家也可以在光明品尝到美味的Aori拉面了! Aori拉面光明店位于京畿道光明市梧里路856号26,2层 CGV光明铁山店对面。 · The 31th branch of Aori Ramen has opened in Gwangmyeong-si. The 31th branch of Aori Ramen(Domestic 26th branch) opened in Gwangmyeong-si on April 26th Thursday! We have arrived in Gwangmyeong-si where is the best place for enjoying and visiting the suburb of Seoul city. Gwangmyeong-si is the only city for cave-tourist atrraction "Gahak Mine Cave" near the capital area and famous for the traditional market among the 3 traditional markets in Gyeonggi-do. Aori Ramen Gwangmyeong branch is located on the 2nd Floor 26, Ori-ro 856beon-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea, The Apposite side of CGV Gwangmyeong branch.

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Aori Ramen is a popular Japanese style ramen shop with many branches all over the world. With Seungri as the CEO, it has been gaining much love from not only Korean customers but his global fans who visit Korea.

As a well-known singer and CEO of multiple companies, Seungri has been financially successful for many years with all of his hard work and effort, even comparable to YG!

I definitely recommend trying out Aori Ramen for any Japanese style ramen lovers!

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