Bibimbap! The Ultimate Comfort Food

Bibimbap! The Ultimate Comfort Food

Ever heard of bibimbap? If not, you’re in for a real treat – well, a meal that is!

One of Korea’s best family dishes is known as Bibimbap, or “mixed rice.” A giant bowl with rice at the bottom, topped with different sautèed vegetables, meat, and either a raw or fried egg on the very top. Before mixing it together, red chili paste (gochujang), is added to perk up the flavor of the dish.

Bibimbap is a good way for Koreans to use up day-old rice and leftovers. The sautèed vegetables are mainly side dishes that would be eaten with other meals such as carrots, radishes, spinach, and bean sprouts; in this case, they are the stars of the show. Meat can be added, but is mainly an accent to the dish to help add flavor. Typically, bibimbap is eaten with the same spoon that you mix the dish together with, and everyone eats out of the pot it’s mixed in.

Bibimbap is mainly a family food, meaning that it’s hard to make it for one person only because it is mixed at the table right before eating, so many people enjoy at the same time. However, it can be done although the flavors might be a bit off, but I’m sure people enjoy it all the same as if it was in a giant bowl.

There is also another bibimbap people enjoy - dolsot bibimbap. Dolsot means “stone pot,” so many people enjoy this style of bibimbap on cold days since it is in a hot stone pot. Essentially it’s bibimbap in a hot pot - when made this way, the rice can get crispy and crunchy on the very bottom of the pot! Having dolsot bibimbap adds a nice texture overall from adding the crispy rice into the mix instead of it only being steamed, and if a raw egg is put on top, it gets cooked as it is mixed in from the heat of the pot.

I don’t know about you, but bibimbap sounds really delicious right now! Even though I don’t have people around to enjoy it with me, I’ll still make it, eat it, and enjoy it. If you ever decide that you want to put your leftovers into a bowl and mix them all together for a meal, go right ahead! Korean’s have been doing it for years, and it seems to be working out well for them!

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